Hi We are looking for a piper for a small gig about an hour at Mount Juliet Estate. I need a piper to play a few tunes before and during the ceremony. It is just two people getting married and they have requested a piper.



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Hi Peter.

I might be available to do that gig for you, depending on the date.

I'm playing a nice flat set at the moment in C, which would be perfect for this.

Drop me an e mail. 1970brianhughes@gmail.com

Hi Brian thanks for the reply but unfortunately I got the gig filled. Do you have any you tube shows for the future as I always need a piper around kilkenny ands waterford area .



Hi Peter.

Ye if you look up Brian Hughes tin whistle, there are loads of clips from previous recordings etc.

Also if you look up Kevin Morrin, who is a singer, there are some videos of his on 

Which I play uilleann pipes.

Thanks for the reply Peter.

If you want to contact me give me a shout on the e mail.

All the best. Brian.

That's Me Peter.
Ha ha, the fella with no beard on pipes.
Good luck.

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