Are you a beginner to intermediate traditional musician who would love an opportunity to play in a traditional session but doesn't quite have the skill or confidence to take that jump? The idea is for participants to build up their skill level by playing tunes at slower than their normal tempo so as to build up competence. If you're just back from playing at the Fleadh, this is not for you! But if you would like to explore what it might be like to play jigs, reels and other thingies with the existing dozen or so incompetents, on Monday evenings in Sandyford, then why not give it a go.

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HI Dominic, I'm a whistle player, self taught (mostly) - might be interested. Where and when? Thanks,Hugh. 

Hi Hugh,

Nice to hear from you. If you drop me an email to, I'll be happy to supply all the details.

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