Hello everyone;

So the other day I made a channel for people that want to learn tradition folk music on the diatonic harmonica, it contains currently 14 lessons and I want to add to that as I progress. Well.. I don't have the illusion that I could teach any of you something new, but perhaps when you have a friend or someone in the family that is interested in playing traditional folk music you could forward them to the youtube channel. 

It really is something that probably a better player than me should do. But no real freely available lessons are available so I guess it's a start. Maybe others get inspired to start their own (free) lesson programmes. 

So the channel is: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClouII_KeJ294Bb_ms_KmKg 

Comments are appreciated ofcourse! 

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Hi I am new here, and to your lessons.
Thank you!

It's really great what you do, with the tabs and all. I play trad harmonica too, but most french-canadian music. I will try to make lessons like you.

Thank you and stay tuned.





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