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Carmel Gunning - Corran Hill ( Music Traditions Review )

The topography of her native Sligo informs a large part of what Carmel Gunning does, and this disc is no exception.  As well as two self composed tunes, both named after local landmarks, three of the five songs in English are by local song makers.  Of these, two are place name songs, a genre which does not always earn plaudits for poetic quality.  However, while the sentiments of these two are fairly…


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Back again..

from Kalmar, after the funniest, craziest weekend in a long time.

Played two gigs with Eamonn O'Riley, live recordings at local pub/café, great craic with great people! Hopefully there will be more gigs in the future!

Here are the lads, me, Markus Tullberg, concert flute, Eamonn O'Riley, vocals, guitar and Paddy Lawless,…


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Josephine Marsh - Self Titled ( Alex Monaghan )

Another excellent debut album from another brilliant young Irish musician. Josephine Marsh is a box-player from County Clare. This is not another Sharon Shannon: Josephine's music doesn't have the attack of the first lady of Irish accordion. What it does have is a warmth and…


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John Carthy - I Will if I Can ( Earle Hitchner / Alex Monaghan )

John Carty has quietly but quickly become one of Irish music's leading players. An astonishing fiddler, the London-born musician is equally gifted at banjo, flute and tenor guitar. He has three acclaimed solo fiddle albums, two banjo albums and two band albums already under his belt, and his musical sparring partners include such trad giants as Matt Molloy and Arty McGlynn. In the last… Continue

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Images of Fleadh 2011 in Cavan


Some selected images of Fleadh 2011 in Cavan that I took yesterday.



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I am writing a new article and my focus is PEACE

  I am asking statements from musicians to post on my site with a corresponding link to the websites. It is called Peace: what it is for me, and what can we do to achieve it?


Feel free to contribute.

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John Carthy - At It Again ( Irish Herald )

“At It Again” is the third CD in a series of outstanding traditional Irish music CDs from John Carty, each as good as the last, if not better.

This third traditional CD from Shanachie also features John’s brother James, a wonderful flute player well-known in the London trad music…

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Summer's End

OK, so another summer is nearly over and our 6 week move to our mobile home down in Ballymoney Wexford is nearly over. It's time to pack the bags and head up to Cavan for the weekend to get a flavour of the Fleadh. Not much music these last few weeks in Wexford apart from checking into TradConnect twice a day on a crappy laptop in an area with little or no reception. Apologies if the approval process has slowed down a bit. No music but plenty of swimming, kayaking, a bit of golf. Lots of…


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Star of the County Down

Hmm... We can't post videos with singing in the video section, but no explanation why. 

OK. Let's try it here.

When I came up with this arrangement of SotCD I wanted to do something different from everything else. Let me know what you think.

Hammered dulcimer - TradConnect member Jim Rathbun and his 10 year old student Noah Jefferies

6 string Banjo - Greg Kaiser

Fiddle - Kelly Kaiser

Guitar and vocal - Bruce Evans…


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Truths of life, part 1

You'll find that single girls are slimmer than married women..
That's because a single girl comes home, goes to the refrigerator and sees what's in it and goes to bed..
A married woman comes home, goes to the bed and sees what's in it and goes to the refrigerator.

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New versions of Tunepal



Just to let you know there are new versios of Tunepal now available:

The latest Android version has the following new features:

  1. Install to SD card option
  2. Reorganised tabs, so that the record tab is first
  3. Offline tune searches (tags are stored and can be resubmitted when you go back online)
  4. A pause button on the tune display screen
  5. Tune playback now loops
New versions Tunepal and Tunepal HD were…

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Kiérah - A Fiddle Affair

Kiérah Raymond lives near White Rock, B.C. in a community that is very supportive of the arts. She started classical violin with the Suzuki program at 4 years old and is now doing her ARCT with the Royal…


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New Seamus O'Kane bodhrán

Today i got my new drum from Seamus, i had one before but was so intrigued by his 'new' 1-screw tuning system, i had to try one :)

It arrived today, and i have barely had time to play it seriously yet (Official premiere will be Kalmar next weekend at Eamonn O'Reilly's live recording gig) but already "raw" out of the box it plays every bit as well as the old one, perhaps with a little brighter sound and a bit more attack. The one screw tensioner is brilliant, as opposed to fiddling…


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Pasadena, California and Surrounding area musicians unite !!!

Would like to connect with other Irish musicians in the Pasadena, CA and surrounding areas to play. Full-blown sessions are still too fast for me.

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Guest starring in church

Spontaneous appearance by yours truly in local countryside church

Maria Bojlund - fiddle

Markus Tullberg - concert flute, cittern

Moi - bodhrán

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Album reviews

You will notice that I have recently started to add Album Reviews to my Blog posts. What I think would be good is that on the home page we have an album review section by members. This gives other members a chance to comment on albums and could provide a good resource for people in choosing which albums to buy. It is also an opportunity for members to try out their writing/blogging skills. A couple of issues with this.


Firstly I personally feel I can comment on certain types…


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OK folks. We are a bit ahead of schedule but we have had the first TradConnect meetup for a few tunes. And it was'nt in the same town, it was across the water. Kildare based duo Dulahan-Irl and North of England Michael Robert Orme, based in Chesterfield. To mark the occasion they made a video.


Here is what Michael had to say about…


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Beautiful people

"In the documentary Beautiful People, ten members of the longest running traditional Irish music group in New York City talk about not only their interest in this type of music but offer a peek inside their lives to try and find what draws them towards this activity. An Asian… Continue

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