Sandy Seisiun Relief Fund started in New York

The Sandy Sessions is a relief fund started by NY Irish musicians looking to band together and help raise much needed funds to benefit the NY Irish coastal communities that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.There is a concert series being put together by Irish musicians from around the NY area (with some as far away as Boston) to show support for the Irish communities affected by Hurricane Sandy . The Irish-American people & communities of the Rockaways, Breezy Point, Staten Island, Long Beach, Brooklyn as well as all points along The Jersey Shore and into Connecticut have always shown support for live Irish music and it's musicians. They are our families, friends and neighbors. They are the police officers, the firefighters & paramedics as well as the sanitation workers, nurses, teachers & utility workers, bus & train operators, veterans, business owners and the people they employ. All of us were affected, including some musicians themselves. No-one was untouched by Sandy.

Collectively they are coming together to raise as much money as possible for the newly formed Sandy Seisiun Relief Fund that is working in conjunction with a reputable non-for profit Irish based organization that has the resources available to allocate 100% of all monies raised to the people in these areas. They are going to do what they have done since the Irish immigrated to New York City.  They are going to "band" together and lift each other up. The Sandy Seisiun Concert series has a slogan: "helping to rebuild NY's Irish coastal communities one tune at a time" and with everyone's help that is exactly what they are going to do.....together.

Right now there are two concerts scheduled at Connolly's Times Square in December. Dec 1st & Dec. 21st. Some of NY's best Irish entertainers are already part of this and as it grows many more will undoubtedly join as well. What began as just an idea between two NYC based Irish bands to try and help the many families of Irish decent living in the devastated ares of NY in small way the best way they know how has since quickly turning into something much bigger. With the help of friends this may actually make a difference and bring an already strong Irish community together and make it even stronger. They are very close to establishing "The Sandy Seisiun Relief Fund" with a respected and reputable locally Irish based non-for-profit organization that will allocate all proceeds from this and future possible Sandy Seisiun concerts featuring other bands to those people who need it the most throughout all the Irish communities in the NY area hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. The outpouring of support has been tremendous so far and that support will be needed not only over the next few weeks or months but possibly for years to come. 

Music is a powerful tool that evokes every emotion ranging from sadness to anger to joy, love and happiness and no one knows this better than the Irish.  We are all in this together and now is the time to lift each other up and get through this......together
Support this good cause through their Facebook Page The Sandy Sessions

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