What does use think is the best flute??!

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Well, that's a question that has many answers, as many as there are makers and players.  I am partial to Olwell's and have coveted everyone I have had the opportunity to play at a session.  They are hard to come by with over a year wait for a keyless and I've heard some people have waited up to 10 years for a keyed flute from him, but on average 7 year wait.  Occasionally a used Olwell will come on the market and last no more than a day.  But there are so many other good makers, not to mention the various antiques.  And I've also chanced to try other very fine flutes from other makers, its much in the hands of the beholder I believe.

I'm not a flute player myself - but have heard from my flute playing friends that Grinter makes the best, Kevin Crawford plays a grinter. 

Other modern makers I have heard good reports of include John Gallagher, Tom Aebi and Stephane Morvan, and lately, Windward Flutes.  Here's a link to a pretty comprehensive list of current flute makers to assist in your research at http://www.firescribble.net/flute/makers.html .  Ben's right about chatting with experts like Jem regarding characteristics and pros and cons of the various antique models. There are a lot of options, yet it also is pretty fun to explore them.  Would be fun to here what you discover along the way :-) 

Almost impossible to give a general answer..

Best flutes i have heard in real life are (in no particular order)

Hammy Hamilton

Sam Murray

antique flute, (Rudall-esque looking, don't remember if i ever asked about brand, but it had missing keys, holes corked shut and a head by Hammy)

Michael Grinter

Marcus Hernon

the best flutes are ruddel rose ruddel carte the best flute players in the world is seamus tansey matt molloy from mick moriartyu writer for irish music irish world

Matt Molloy has been playing Prattens for years and years.. first a Boosey and lately an Olwell Pratten. To claim Rudall & Rose is "the best" is a bold statement IMO.

the best flutes are ruddel rose ruddel carte ben hall agrees larrt mots reckons not is he the new flute expert never heard of a ruddel rose flute best flute of all we do come across them on the inetrnet

What flutes are you trying to choose from? There are a lot of great flute makers these days.

Jonathan Milton said:

What flutes are you trying to choose from? There are a lot of great flute makers these days.

the ruddel and rose ruddel carte flutes were played by some of the greatest irish flute players in the early years of irish music mr moloney sold irish flutes for years in Manchester he said ruddel were the best I pass no attention to non experts on best flutes sadly the gentleman mr moloney passed away irish national

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