did a search for bouzouki & was supprised when nothing came up so thought i'd start it off.

If there are any bouzouki or GDAD octave mandolin players out there it would be great to start a thread.


Plays Oakwood Bouzouki 

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Hi, I play bouzouki but mostly use ADAE tuning. That is my preference for accompaniment.

Do you have octvae-tuned strings on your instrument like I do, Patrick? I find it a nice, easy tuning all round.



Patrick Cummins said:

Hi, I play bouzouki but mostly use ADAE tuning. That is my preference for accompaniment.
I'm a ADAD player who has been tinkering with the Bouzouki for 9 years.  I play a Trinity College zouk but dream of upgrading.
Great to see so many bouzouki players out there! Interesting so see all the different tunings & reasons why - I probably stumbled on GDAD due to picking up the excellent Zan McLeod DVD as the only instruction I could find. No regrets though!

Welcome on board Lawrie. If you go to the Members tab, press the Advanced Search button and the click the drop down menu for Country you can simply pick Australia. This shows all the Australian members, about 13 at the moment and growing. Its early days at the moment but over time as the word gets out we will no doubt grow our membership in your fine Country.

Hello!  I'm brand new to this site, and only slightly more experienced on the bouzouki (GDAD, rhythm only).  I bought a used Celtic Star (hey, the price was right) back in September, and use it in my trad trio.  I normally play harp, and was playing guitar, but have replaced my guitar playing with bouzouki.

Our band recorded a CD in November and I actually played it on two tracks. Not that I'd let you lot hear that, but it wasn't too bad.

Hi, fellow 'zouk' players!  I'm new to TradConnect, and when I was checking out groups, I searched the "Groups" section for bouzouki and found the CBOM group.  It's for players of the Cittern, Bouzouki, Octave mandolin and Mandolin family of instruments.  It's a moderated group; I'm waiting for admission myself.  Seems to be mainly mandolin players so far

Hello Gents & Ladies, Just joined up to Tradconnect and was excited to see the bouzouki forum. My lovely wife purchased a Luna Irish Bouzouki (American made) for me this past Christmas holiday. I shopped around for quite a while and was depressed to find the prices so high, but I did find the Luna to be affordable. I've been a musician for about 45 years, so I was aware that if I made the purchase I would later on want something better. But, for now, it serves the the purpose. This forum is very exciting and after reading through the postings, I've already learned quite a bit,....especially on the various ways of tuning. I started playing GDAE but after getting Zan McLeod's DVD, changed over to the GDAD. For me, it works just grand. I plan to visit this forum quite a bit in the future, as well as try some of your preferences and suggestions.

I have my 1:st bouzoki in the mid 80:s (from greece) and some flatbacks and my last one is the best yet, It is build by Mats Nordwall from sweden and he is well known by the swedish folkmusicians, lovely tone and fantastic output. I use ADAD and that is very good for strumming and picking.


Hello Mats, I'm very happy you replied to my first message in this bouzouki forum (maybe not???). The ADAD tuning must have a strong "drone sound" (especially with the octave lower toned strings). I'll try it, but I'm still learning the chord positions using GDAD (and I'm learning it quite quickly). Is there a website for Mats Nordwall?  I would be interested in checking out his bouzoukis, although I probably won't be able to afford one for some time. I remember when I purchased a Sitar (from India). I love the "sympathetic strings" (13) that vibrate with the melody strings and cause that drone effect (like a buzzing sound). With the bouzouki that drone is still exciting to hear and I try to make the most of it when I play, prefering the modal chords. Your response is very much appreciated and I hope you can let me know if Mats Nordwell has a website. Of course, I would prefer to play and hear any instrument that I would buy. Do you have any YOUTUBE performance of you playing your bouzouki that I can listen to???? Also, anyone else "out there" that would care to respond???

Hello Dhomhnaill, www.nordwallinstrument.com is Mats N:s webbsite and yes there are som Youtube perf. right here on tradconnect on the videopage, Ive played in a group called Ivy Leaf in the 90:s and there are videos on page 13-17 and page 23 and one video with a group called Green House If you like to watch. Lars Mott is a member in Ivy Leaf as well. The bouzoki I used at that time is a Trinity Collage built in Japan.

Hey Mats, Thanks for the reply. I'll be sure to check out your videos. Also, I started a group here on Tradconnect for Bouzouki Players. I originally thought this "discussion" was a group. Now we have one of our own. Be sure to pass the word,....and while you're at it: JOIN!!!!!

Cheers, Danny

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