I will firstly appologise that I've not been contributing much lately, but now that I have your attention  :-)


I'm not seeing very much detail of late about members actually meeting up and sharing a few tunes. Is anyone out there in the membership doing anything like that? Have any members got any new projects going as a result of their membership here? Have you found and visited sessions that you first heard about via this site?

Please feel free to add as much or as little detail as you like to the bottom of this thread but it would be great to see info about members actually getting together. I think my own personal issue is that I live in a trad desert on the wrong side of the Irish Sea! Having said that, I've had a fair few offers to meet up with folk when I do stray across the water and I'm very much looking forward to that!

It would be grand to hear of any meetings that are going on because these are real success stories for the site as well as for the individuals concerned.

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Hi Mike,

well I'll kick off by saying that it has worked for me in so far as I had another member over here for a few tunes during the Summer, as he holidays near where I live.  We had a great chat and a grand few tunes in my living room.  We hope to meet up again in Dublin for a session during the winter.  My biggest problem is that I work a rolling shift so I'm not always available at weekends or evenings like the normal "nine to fivers".  However, hopefully I will get to meet some other new friends, (yourself included!!) with whom I've been chatting and getting to know over the past year.



hi mike,

As a result of me being involved with Tradconnect i`ve learning a wonderful jig called `The strayaway child` it is played on youtube by 2 members of this site joe and adele, i contacted them and asked if they would send me a copy of the jig the way they played it, they kindly emailed me a copy of banjo tab, i`m now on part 5 of the 6 part jig, what a lovey tune,so thanks to this site joe and adele or known as dulahan 2 top class musicians who freely gave there time in sending me a copy of the music, so thanks to everyone !! 

Tradconnect is working for me, by the way mike i now live in edinburgh plenty going on up here !!

Hi Mike

Tradconnect is working allright for me....Not in the sense that I now I'll be taking part in sessions or so, not a lot going on where I live, but at least it made me see that it's fun to share stuff, albeit on line....It, so to say, made me come out of the closet, where trad used to be my private thing....In a way it still is, cause I can only play my whistles at ease when the wife and kids are out to school and work. They're not particularly fond of my whistling :-) And though not taking part into sessions, it's fun to talk music here on chat, and connect with others with the same interest, because there's not a lot of folk around in the Netherlands who are into the trad-thing. Here we don't have any tradition at all, and the tradition we had, we threw overboard for all that import american crap :-) Obviously : the more american, the better :-) No hard feelings to americans though, live and let live :-) For that I envy the Irish and Scottish, they are so proud of they're cultural history, and their musical inheritance is so vast, I really envy that. Makes me want to be Irish, instead of the Iwish I am now.....But to be fair, it's not only Tradconnect that opened my eyes to the trad scene, it's also the TV shows of Highlandsessions, by Phil Cunningham, and Transatlantic Sessions that made me see there's so much going on....It used to be the Dubliners for me, and the Dubliners only, but after seeing those shows it made me aware that I had missed so much, that there's so much more, so BBC Alba : Thank you for clearing my views. And Tony, thanks for Tradconnect :-)

cheers, Kees

How very nice to hear from all 3 of you! - the interesting thing here is that I have already "met" all 3 of you via Tradconnect and the mighty internet. I should say however that this discussion thread was not just intended to get responses from people I already know :-) - Maybe nobody else wants to talk to me? On a serious note, maybe that says something about the 4 of us? And the fact that we met via the "chat" function should'nt be lost either (IMHO).

So.... Paul Ivory,

You seem to be getting the sort of meetings and playing opportunities out of this site was invented for (I think that was Tony's prime objective). It is grand that Tradconnect is delivering on this for you. On a personal note, you are on my list for when I'm in your neck of the woods - I very much look forward to that. Sorry about using your surname but you'll see that Mr Desmond is another Paul !

Paul Desmond,

So, having started out in Sheffield you've now moved to Edinburgh to avoid me :-(

It's good to hear from you again and I hope all is going well for you "up North". We must get to meet in person at some point.



I'm sure your doing The Netherlands down, they must have a tradition. We have one in England but it does'nt appeal to me much! Maybe thats yet another shared experience? Your main point would seem to be that you can use TC to communicate with other people who share your interest in a virtual environment rather than meeting in real life for a few tunes. Living in a trad desert myself I completely understand where your coming from but, like a fool, had not considered that aspect when I posted my original question. You are on to something with that Kees, Tradconnect providing a means of contact between enthusiasts who can't actually meet. Beware though, I have been known to visit The Netherlands in the past and we could always send our wives shopping!


So, its kind of working for a few of us (please, the rest of the membership, don't be shy about adding to this thread, I don't come at Irish music from any position of authority or even authenticity but I don't bite! I just launched this thread to see if members were getting the most out of TC in terms of craic and aiding their own musical development etc etc.



Melanie and I are both members and we have a session at least once a week!  And if you want to cross the big puddle you are welcome to join us!

Hiya Charlie,

Your already on my list mate. And if you ever come this way, even if its only as far as Ireland, I'll cross the other bit of water to get to you.



Looks like you are not actually desperately in need of using this site to make connections with so many playing opportunities already available to you. I am seriously green with envy at the fun you must already be having. This site is however dedicated in part to making extra connections happen for you and I wish you the best of luck if you use it for that purpose in future.

On another note, although I am only a fellow member and not in any way "official", I am delighted that you've joined us and made a contribution to this thread. I sincerely hope that you are enjoying the site and having fun with it. Its been an continued source of inspiration to me since I joined.

Argyll is a bit of a stride from Derbyshire but I'll let you know if I'm ever in your neck of the woods.





Mike, I haven't been as active on the site lately.  However, I keep checking in in hopes that when I have the opportunity to visit Ireland (maybe in the next year?) that I will get to meet up with some of the members for tunes and a pint, or pints and a tune ;-) !


Hiya Russ,

Grand to hear from you, and many thanks for contributing. I've had a peek at your profile and see that you are in far off Colorado. Unfortunately I'm in England rather than Ireland. I'm sure you would be most welcome and connecting is what this site is all about. Oh, and your priorities look spot on to my 'umble eye!!

Thanks Mike!  England will be on my itinerary as well, as there are a number of players and/or sessions, including yerself,  there I'd like to meet in person also.  Cheers and happy New Year!

Mike "Ormepipes" Orme said:

Hiya Russ,

Grand to hear from you, and many thanks for contributing. I've had a peek at your profile and see that you are in far off Colorado. Unfortunately I'm in England rather than Ireland. I'm sure you would be most welcome and connecting is what this site is all about. Oh, and your priorities look spot on to my 'umble eye!!

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