There was once a king in Ireland named Labhraidh Loingseach who had an unfortunate physical condition, in that, he had horse's ears. He managed to keep this a secret by growing his hair long in order to conceal them. However, when the hair grew too long and he needed a trim, he would send for a man to come and cut his hair. Then he would have the poor, unfortunate fellow put to death, lest his secret be revealed.

One year, the king sent for an ailing widow's son to cut his hair. The widow pleaded with him not to have her son put to death. Labhraidh was so moved by the widow's pleading that he promised not to have her son killed. But this was only on the condition that the son would never speak of what he saw.

The widow's son duly cut the king's hair. Some weeks passed and the son became very ill. His mother sent for a druid who told her that her son was burdened with a heavy secret and he would only get better by telling this secret. So the druid advised the son to walk to where four roads met and tell his secret to the first tree that he saw there.

The son followed these instructions and was very soon well again.

However the king's bard was in need of a new harp and had a harp fashioned from the very tree to which the secret had been told. As the bard began to play in the king's court, the harp sang out "Labhraidh Loingseach has horse's ears" over and over again. On hearing the harp's song, the king was so overcome with remorse for putting to death the many men who had previously cut his hair, that he vowed never to slay another person and had his hair trimmed to reveal his horse's ears to all.



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Hey Joe & Adele,

Great story that made me smile (ear to ear). Thanks for the posting. Cheers,


Cheers Danny, It's quite a hair raising story!


Joe and Adele.
Dhomhnaill A. Lopez said:

Hey Joe & Adele,

Great story that made me smile (ear to ear). Thanks for the posting. Cheers,


Joe & Adele Greene of DULAHAN IRL posted this great story that made me smile "ear to ear",....(you'll get the pun when you read the story). Enjoy!!


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