notation Vs. Tabs; The best of Both worlds with Notation program: "MuseScore"

I'm Not trying to open up a bear-hole here, the discussion amongst harmonica players whether to read music or play by tabs is Never-ending and will Never see an end to it, so that's NOT what this is about.

I am starting this subject because things don't have to be as black-and-white as some of You could be forgiven for thinking...

Has anyone here heard of a program called "MuseScore"?? It is a music-notation program, it's free to download, and the BEST bit: You can use it to create "the Best of Both Worlds"...

First of all, here is the Link to download this program:

right then, how could this work...??

You know when You go into a music shop, browsing through the music books, and You can't help it; there is Always a book with music that makes You think "Oh... I wish I could Play that on Harmonica", but You can't read music that well, and when You get home and try to play it, You get Stuck in Mud....

well, go to Your computer, Open MuseScore, and start copying the music; give it a title, a rhythm and a Key, and just copy Note-for-Note. Once You are willing to go through that painstaking process, a new world opens up... first of all, You can Play the tune on the PC, and Hear what it sounds like; the program uses Your standard built-in MIDI sound-bank that is present in Every computer, so... You can play along with it by ear. That's the first bonus, but there is more:

Then, there are a few Plugins available: first off there are the Note-Names; this will show You the Name of Each note in the top bar, so You can see Which notes to play.  And then, You play Harmonica... then You download another New Plugin, called "harmonica Tabulature", and there is a choice of a range of harmonicas; select Your harmonica, and... there you are; all the Tabs are there for every note.

I just think this is something that's definitely worth knowing for Any harmonica player, and whatever is missing with Tabs (rhythm, note-lengths etcetera) are all there, so players from Both "worlds" can play together!!!!

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I could write a book about this, but something I need to mention about this program:

When You have made a music-score, MuseScore can save Your work in a number of ways:

1*  as a MuseScore file, so You can keep working on it until it's finished,

2*  as a MIDI-file, so You can stick it on Your keyboard or any other audio-device with a MIDI sound-bank,

3*  as an Audio (WAV-) File,

4*  as a Picture (I have done that myself a few times here),

5*  as a PDF file,

6*  and many more options....

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