It would be cool to have a portion of the site or the MyPage profile dedicated to sharing/swapping tunes.


Anyway, I learned this one by ear last Saturday from Mick O'Brien and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh's record, Kitty Lie Over:


T:Teampall An Gleanntáin
Z:Bare Bones Transcription by Johnny Kerr
N:Ornamentation and Variation are Assumed by the Player
dcAG E ~F3 | A ~G3 E ~F3 | dcAG E ~F3 | AA G EE DD A |
dcAG E ~F3 | A ~G3 E ~F3 | A ~G3 E ~F3 | AA G EE DD E |]
FGAB =c3 B | Ad d2 efed | dcAG E ~F3 | AA G EE DD A |
FGAB =c3 B | Ad d2 efed | dcAG E ~F3 | AA G EE DD A |]


So, what did YOU learn this weekend?

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Hi Johnny


If there are enough people interested in this idea you could start a Group. Call it "Tune Swappers". The group facility is turned off at the moment and will be opened up to all members shortly. For now maybe start a discussion called Tune Swapping and see how many reply. Just edit the heading of this discussion. that should work. If there are enough we can turn it into a group later.



Seems like a whole group of people posting tunes would get pretty overwhelming quite quickly... and be difficult to browse after a couple dozen posts.  I like the idea of the MyPage addition or even a site-wide tunebook with organized and searchable submissions from all members. 

Frankly, I'd be more interested when browsing a person's profile to see what instrument they're playing, what tunes they're working on or what recordings they're listening to rather than reading about their "Latest Activity" on this site or "Gifts Received".  These are things you can get on any networking site.  I'd like to see more stuff on this site that is tailored to the interestes of trad musicians instead of another typical generic social network experience.  The "Album of the Month", for example, was a great idea.

You Youngstowns boys. I first thought, hey he's trying to wind me up. Then I thought, maybe the guy is a a genius. And you know what, at the end of the day, the best ideas come from the people that the site is designed for. You.

Now the first point is that I am constrained by this software. Redesign costs money, so we gotta find a way around it. It may not be the best solution, but based on opinion we can alter it and get a solution that might work.


In the Discussion forum I have created an new category called Tunes I am Learning. Underneath it are instructions. Follow these through and tell me what you think. Then look at my profile page to see the section I have added, and how the links work.


Assuming you have done the above, a couple of points. I have had correspondence with Michael Clarkson and I will revert back to him on these proposals. It would drive traffic to his site so I sure he would welcome it. However if the tune is not there we would need a couple of other source sites. You don't have to have an audio but it helps. You could upload your own audio if you want.


I do like the idea of people knowing what you are playing, especially for learners and intermediate level players. This will be great when when people connect up.


So your comments please. Is it too complicated. I throw it out there to everyone to comment.




No wind-up here.  I'd just like to see this site be successful and at the end of the day that means people need to have a reason to come here and interact with each other rather than Facebook or LinkdIn, etc.  For me personally (and I realize others may not share my opinion so take my comments with a grain of salt) that means meeting other like-minded musicians, swapping tunes (not just creating another database of tired tunes like the Silver Spear, but digging out tunes that others are really excited about), exchanging recordings and even teaching each other.


I was a little bit confused by the setup you proposed; I had to navigate several layers to find it and, had you not told me exactly how to get there, I'd have never known it existed.  It was a creative work-around though and maybe others won't find it as difficult as I did.  I tried just creating another section under the "About Me" header of my profile page and listing the ABC notation for the tune (recording to be added when I have a minute to get one down).  My Page is starting to get a little cluttered but I have tried to include information that would be interesting to other trad musicians (tunes I'm playing, tunes I'm learning, recordings I'd recommend, etc).

Your My Page is excellent and is a template for what members should do. It may over time get a little cluttered. However people may not find it unless you are active in the forum, discussions etc. TradConnect is new so it has not "found itself" as of yet so to speak.


The idea of posting a new or unusual tune, or a tune you are learning in the Discussion forum, is still valid I feel. In learning a tune it would be great if people responded to the posting by linking videos, audio's of the tunes, even versions of themselves playing it. I find it tedious going on you tube looking for versions/interpretations of the tune. Here the members would do that because they may have a better idea where to look. If this section grew to say 200 tunes would that be of benefit. Yes to some, no to others. For now it is about trying things and seeing what works. If it's not working than its stopped. Either way we need to develop and make the discussion forum work.


The core idea of the site is of course "connecting people offline" as well and the online and offline need to complement each other.


For now its about ideas. Lets see what happens. Keep the ideas coming and we will see what sticks.

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