the sessions in london are extremly unfriendly i got barred with another flute player in the herscal arms in slough by a land lord  who swears in front of teenagers it was mainly sam proctor fiddle who told the landlord to barr us that would never happen at a fleadh ceoil in cavan people would think you are crazy from mick moriarty former member of the furey/keenen group the pavees

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Hi! the mind boggles, whatever were you two lads getting up to? 

Hitting each other with your flutes? Seriously though, very sorry to hear you've had a bad time.

Why not send a message to Frank Doherty? - he has a notice on the sessions section about

a Sunday session in Slough Irish Centre. By the way, I wouldn't say Slough is in London, it's Berkshire, a different world. Hang in there.

Hi Mick ~

:(!!! If you say there's no reason, then you shouldn't ever play there again.

From your description, it doesn't sound like a very classy establishment! If you have played flute with the Fureys or Keenans, then any venue should feel very lucky to have you!

This action towards you and your flute playing friend doesn't make any sense and it makes me feel sad myself.  Keep your smile on your face; sometimes there's no accounting sometimes for why people make thoughtless and hurtful decisions...




What was in your mind when you posted this?

What did you think to gain from it?


We don't seem to have a member on here by the name of Proctor, so he is not likely to be defending himself. I don't suppose for one minute that the pub landlord is a member here either. Sadly, we don't seem to have any members from Slough.


I also note that you may have posted similar comments about this session and the pub landlord on (under the name of morri).  You can also however find several favourable comments about this pub, this session and this landlord at as well.


If your wanting me to take sides on this, I'm sorry, but I can't. I'd need to hear the story from the other side as well. Unfortunately my own travels never take me to that neck of the woods so its unlikely that I will ever be in a position to find out for myself.


The moral of the story however does seem to be fairly simple - don't go where your not wanted - there are surely thousands of other places you could go and be welcomed with open arms?


Don't let this incident play on your mind and fill you with negative vibes - life is too short!

As the foulmouthed landlord of The Herschel Arms for the past 16 years, the host of traditional sessions for the past 15 years and 7 months, during this time we've had the very best of music and musicians, and hope to continue to do so even in the enforced absence of "Professor" Moriarty. Enforcement occurred for three reasons, 1. Session etiquette 2. Having availed of the usual free drink and food which is the norm in this premises, proceeded to secrete chicken pieces in flute cases and seventies style jackets 3. The most hurtful is to slight people of other nationalities called plastic paddy's or others that play traditional Irish music, I for one will not tolerate racism. I feel so lucky have such talented young people joining our sessions and proceeding to surprise us with fantastic music which they play in regional styles from all over Ireland. I hope this the end of this foray having lowered myself for the second occasion to answer this I refuse to get involved any further. P.S. A song for Ireland was written by an Englishman.

Hiya Tom,

Hope this is not the only reason for your membership here - please stick around now you've

found us! - The rest of us will make you welcome.


BTW - Are you the guy named in "Jig for Tom King" ?

Hi Tom,

Thanks very much for coming to post your side of the story...

Unfortunately, your additional description of events has only increased the sadness and dismay that I'd originally expressed over Mick's original posting.

Words can be hurtful and upsetting to everyone who is reading them.  It still doesn't make sense to me, and now it's nearly brought me to tears.

It's safe to say that most of us would just like to hear that all of you can reach a mutual understanding and get back together to play some music at The Herschel Arms!  Music is a common language meant to bring people together, is it not?

Thanks again.


Yes Mike, I am the same Tom King as written by Matt Griffin of Mise

I know some of the lads that play there, Sam included. And have never felt anything less than welcome playing there and at other sessions with them. I would have to ask, what exactly did you and your friend get up to to get yourself barred. Two sides to every story and all that. 

PS - I bleeding hate it when you get the "plastic paddy" term used against you just because you aren't born in Ireland. So insulting. Keep it up Tom, by all accounts yours is one of the best sessions around. I always hear and see such great things about it..and I'm in Australia! 

PS- it occurs to me that this guy has been going on about this same thing since 2008! Oh my goodness, seriously - let it go!

Hi brid nice to hear from somebody so near to me ha ha plastic paddy is bad enough but some
years ago I took miss 4 young to ire and was asked if they would play some mad cow music we had the cow disease here at the time I ask you but I told him 4 lads well brought up playing good music all he ever brought up was bad beer and cheap meat if ever at Heathrow we are 10 mins away and we can help with acc this is on offer to any other readers
Tom king

i thank you for your reply we are decent irish people never been barred in apub in our entire lives


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