the sessions in london are extremly unfriendly i got barred with another flute player in the herscal arms in slough by a land lord  who swears in front of teenagers it was mainly sam proctor fiddle who told the landlord to barr us that would never happen at a fleadh ceoil in cavan people would think you are crazy from mick moriarty former member of the furey/keenen group the pavees

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Is there a point somewhere in this rant?

Personally i couldn't care less if you played with Turlough O' Fecking Carolan or if you're banned from every pub in Great Britain to be honest.

Whatever chip you have on your shoulder, bee in your bonnet or whatever - sort it in real life already!

So? What does any of that mean? Some of the very best Trad musicians I have ever met have a) never been famous/on tv or in competitions. and some of them aren't Irish. Those competitions are a complete farce anyway. They leave no room for anything other than playing the EXACT same way as everyone else, sorry, but I place no weight on that at all. Honestly-  straight off the boat, not the best musician myself and those lads you mentioned welcomed me no questions asked. So I have to wonder what you did, just from your post it seems that you think extremely highly of yourself and you brag about yourself and c'mon - if that isn't going to tick people off I have no idea what what. Its like you expect kudos or something, rather than just sitting down and having a few tunes for the love of it. Very strange. 

I have no idea why you would want to slag off other musicians on internet though- I guarantee you, it makes you look worse than it makes them look.

Sorry everyone, I am replying to this comment that was posted on my wall, not sure how the forum works yet, 

"brid clarke you were not there when we got barred we were not drunk we are good people i myself have appeared on 9 tv programmes how many tv programmes has slough musicians been on none they are not known in ireland they got marked down in the all irland fleadh ceoil for playing too fast maybe they will do the same thing again" - Professor Moriarty


to brid clarke the irish world covered the story about the barring of 2 irish republic musicians they are there to protect irish people from discrimination and anti irish comments from  english comediens  maybe i am telling lies i have every right to protest about the the two of us getting barred ten people in london asked me to  to describe what happened we dont  tell lies like your so called irish landlord and english born fiddler from nottingham comaltas ceoltori eireann started the session in dublin to have a friendly session with tourists joining in  and everybody joining in maybe you should take up acourse on irish trad music seems you dont know much about it i have been writing articles about the subject for 45 years you should read ben halls comments and the us woman connie healy who said go somewhere else

Honestly, wether I know anything about Irish music is neither here nor there. You come across as completely racist, every single time you write a post. That in itself is enough for me not to want to ever play tunes with you. I don't care how good you think you are.


But seeing as you mention it- which Irish music course do you suggest I should do?



if you are talking about racism then the english captin soccer was found guilty of racism in a court of law evry news station in england covered that plus racist anti irish jokes on apple go away there are two sides to every story you only believe in one side connie us woman listened to both sides the best way to deal with this racist incident is to play elsewhere you are not involved in this incident we were barred  so i dont want to hear anymore i would like to hear if connie usa has ever heard of anybody being barred for playing irish music in the usa god help us all if this sort of procedure occurs in every session i rest my case they are guilty we are the innocent party the sad part is the flute player from tippearary has never played since

How odd that you have been "writing articles about the subject for 45 years," and yet you don't know where the Shift key or the period or any other punctuation is on your keyboard. Just noticing.

the articles were written in writing not computer doughnut one million people cannot read or write properly in london plus seven million people cannot read or write in great britian at least we can read or write us irish evenind standard journalist david cohen wrote a weekly comment on it plus metro newspaper stated 7 million cannot write or read english man

I haven't ever heard of any musicians in the U.S. being barred from either a paid gig or a session in a pub.  In fact, it is rare for anyone to be permanently barred from a pub under any circumstance, unless it is either extremely dangerous or repeatedly bizarre circumstances.

Not having a lot of experience at playing Irish traditional sessions in pubs, I couldn't speak honestly about what may happen at sessions in New York or Boston, but I have been in thousands of pubs all across the U.S. since I was a child.

Here are the reasons you would get barred out of a pub in the U.S. (in this order):

#1 - Carrying or firing of a firearm (such as a pistol).  This is a federal offense punishable by not only getting barred, but prison time if someone calls police.

#2 - Physical fighting including throwing of punches, glasses, bottles or furniture; and especially of a man striking a woman or badly wounding (cutting or kicking) someone. These days the police will likely be called, and someone will be arrested (and possibly) be barred for life (depending upon the circumstances and roles in the altercation).

#3 - Owing the bar owner or bar keeper excessive amounts of money and refusal to pay repeatedly incurred debts.  Regular customers are eventually permanently barred for unpaid debts, but if they do pay, they are usually quite often welcomed to return.

#4 - Destruction or stealing of bar and guest property, such as breaking of musical instruments, glasses, windows, pool cues, furniture, etc.  The police may likely be called as well!

#5 - REPEATEDLY extreme abusive, offensive, obscene or very loud language.  Anyone would usually be requested to tone down their language nicely.  If they cannot conform, they will be asked to leave the establishment, but likely not barred for life, unless they return on numerous occasions and repeat the same behaviour.

#6 - EXTREME public intoxication, so that a patron is unable to stay awake or keep their head from being propped on a table, wall or floor.  This would usually lead to barring from the venue for the evening, but not to being barred for life, unless the person is extremely drunk every time they patronize the establishment.  I don't think any musician will ever be able to be this drunk and be able to play one note! They would but cut off from serving and not allowed to drive (which goes without saying).

Note: A person would not be barred for putting bits of food into their own pockets or into their own instrument case.  In fact, people would become worried about why this behavior is occurring.  Although this would be frowned upon, if someone is so hungry that they will go so far as to store and eat food from a dirty pocket of an old coat or an instrument case, most kind people in America (including the bar manager) would try to understand the cicumstances surrounding such behavior and try to make sure that no one is A. going hungry or B. being greedy with food for other sessioners, which would be very poor ettiquette for the musician, to say the least.

Sometimes people (as everywhere) are shunned because of their beliefs, appearance, bodily hygiene, heritiage, etc. but this would also not be grounds for barring someone from a session or a pub, unless they are not chipping in their share of the tips to the servers, or cannot actually play any of the music.  I think this is a fair assessment of how things go in the U.S.

I'd prefer not to hear any more about any of this nonsense, and I agree with my friend Lars as he aptly suggested, the parties of Mick Moriarty and Tom King should get this sorted out in person, in which case I would like to hear more about some nice friendly sessions at The Herschel Arms!!!

Please get this sorted out and let us know how it goes...  this not a nice way to start out another new year.



All I was saying Professor, is that I know these people personally - after meeting them by walking into their session. The london musos are nice people who are welcoming to strangers, I have no doubt in my mind that you brought this all on yourself. You get on the internet and slag musicians off by name, you go on and on about how famous and brilliant you are, and then if someone disagrees with you you tell them they know nothing about trad and should do a course in it. 

Then when I mention that you are racist (which you clearly are) you bring up the English Soccer captain! WTF!!?? Seriously. Get over yourself. 

Ha "I rest my case they are guilty we are the innocent party" Oh please. I have no doubt that you brought this ALL on yourself. 

You need a lesson in humility. Notice that you haven't pointed me in the direction of the lessons in Irish music I so clearly need. 

People can absolutely get barred for being a pain in sessions, especially if they have been warned and keep doing it. It doesn't happen often but I have seen it. The publicans know that if the musicians walk then there will be no session. 


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