About two weeks ago after playing the box, I started having joint pain.

I gave my wrist a little rest but the pain got worse.

The doctor examined me and said I have a minor case of tendon inflammation

and I have to give it more rest and perhaps start taking pills to make the recovery process go quicker.


This is the first time this has ever happened to me and I'm trying not to be worried.

Why worry? I've heard that once you start having inflammations, they will come

back and will need constant attention.


Has this ever happened to you? Do you think box players tend to put more pressure on their

hands or is it common for all ITM instruments?

Any tips on how to prevent this from happening in the future or is it inevitable?...




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A general tip when it comes to musical instruments is to avoid "death grip" I experienced that myself when playing uilleann pipes, as if holding tighter instead of sealing the holes properly would help.. A psychological phenomenon i guess. I get tired really fast playing the flute as well now i just got it.

Try to relax and play waay slow with minimal physical input and see if it makes a difference (i bet it will) : )

Good luck and speedy recovery!

Hey Lars, first of all thanks for the answer!

I do tend to have a "death grip" on the Uilleann pipes even though I've been playing it for two years now.

It's frustrating, having to remember to loosen your grip all the time.

When it comes to the box, it's a different story for me since you don't really grip anything,

you just jam your thumb and all your other fingers are pretty much loose. I will try to be more

aware of the pressure I put on my thumb, see how it goes.. :( Thanks again.

I've been playing a number of instruments for years, but recently done some tendon damage on a particularly intense day of banjo playing. Now, I lost all feeling in my left hand for the better part of two months. This meant no whistle/ Uilleann Pipes/ Banjo/ Guitar etc. I was given one of those gloves with a steel bar up it and wasn't allowed to move my hand at all. However, I found I was able to play the box towards the end of this time with no difficulty. Occasionally it flairs  up, and I will notice it more when playing a back D on the pipes or when playing Banjo. Don't seem to notice it playin box though, so I would assume that the instrument either isn't too bad on the tendons, or is just not affecting the parts of the hand I injured.
Hope this helps.
Two months?? Ouch. I guess the human body just can't cope with intensive playing.
Do you tend(on..) to play the box for more than, say, half an hour straight?

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