I notice a good few members from the USA on the site already. Whats the state of Irish traditional music in the cities that you come from ? Be interested to know.

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I think that its pretty strong, and growing.  Sessions come and go, with one or two lasting for some time in most cities.  its hard to get long term commitment from the restaurant/pub owners, and the varying attendance of session players can on occassion "drink the bar tab" dry (-;  So the pub owners look at there bottom line on session nights with much scrutiny.  I recently moved from outside of Philadelphia, PA where there are numerous lively and longstanding sessions, to near Denver, CO where there are about 4 or 5 solid longstanding sessions.  There are many major festivals going strong across the US.  On thing that there is hardly any of, and that is irish Traditional Music degree or program offerings in the universities and colleges.  you might find an enthusiast among the faculty that starts a club, but nothing for the more serious musician.  I would be first in line for such a program here in the U.S.
Thanks Russ. Still fairly lively here in Dublin although the quality can be variable. A lot of the good players dont come out to play. However there is no let up in the interest, young people still playing. Largest music festival in the world coming up in Cavan in August. Fleadh 2011. 120,000+ people quite impressive.
Yes, Cavan Fleadh is on my travel wish list (-:  I look forward to going there one day.  The Rocky Mountain Irish Festival is here in Fort Collins, Colorado in late August, see http://www.fortcollinsirishfestival.com/jom/ .

Seems like the festivals around here are tending more toward the Celtic Rock stuff than TRAD. I like the rock, but the TRAD gets in your soul.


Colorado Irish Festival is adding more acoustic local groups in addition to the headliner bands, so that's nice.

I've heard good stuff about the Spanish Peaks festival, though I have yet to attend one.

In general, if you're looking for TRAD, I'm not sure festivals are the best place. They're still a lot of fun though.

BTW, the Rocky Mountain Irish Festival is actually in Loveland, not in Fort Collins. Or at least down by the highway NEAR Loveland. It used to be the Fort Collins Festival, but the organizer moved it a couple of years ago to the bigger venue near Loveland and renamed it. He has some great plans, but last year, the festival had to be canceled, and a lot of people question whether he'll be able to pull it off this year. Looks like an excellent festival if he manages it.
Traditional music is alive and well in the metro area of Denver Colorado where I live. We have a lot of good sessions, and many talented musicians. It's a pleasure to play with them and know so many of them.
Doing well here in San Diego, several active sessions and enough good players to support them. We also occasionally travel north to Los Angeles and visit/share hosting with session there.

UPDATE: Rocky Mountain Irish Festival has been moved to Boardwalk Park in Windsor, except for a Friday night concert at the Event Center. See www.rockymountainirishfestival.com.


Also, Colorado Irish Festival will host TRAD sessions on Friday evening, 8 July, and Saturday evening, 9 July. See www.coloradoirishfestival.org

I live in the Nashville,Tennessee area and theres a few  decent sessions to be found near by. Im going to check out a new one on July 13th
I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, so I have to travel at least 1-1.5 hours to get to a session.  Although we do have quiet a few Irish bars around, not many sessions.  There are a few though, in Green Bay, Appleton.  As you get closer though to the larger cities, such as Milwaukee, and Madison, there are quite a few sessions.  Milwaukee boasts a wonderful Irish Fest each August, and I have been to many of those--great bands there--last year I saw Liz Carroll.  So, that was exciting for me-a new fiddler.  I am going to be going up to Niagara, WI, close to the MI/WI border next week to check out a Celtic session there.  I'm excited!!
I live close to Philadelphia, PA, and there are a number of sessions within 1 hour of my home.  I'm new to the music, and have only been playing for 3 years.  My goal is to be able to play out, but it's still quite scary :o)  I've gone to several workshops, and that has helped.  I've recently had a great opportunity to take lessons with a new fiddle teacher, but unfortunately I've experienced a very frustrating backslide.  I'm working my way out of it, and realize it's all part of learning to be a better player.

Here in Phoenix there is a strong and dedicated group. There has been consistent sessions held at least 2 locations, one having been going close to 9 years now. In Tucson, AZ there is strong session attendance some of which make the 1 hour trek to Phoenix. I understand Flagstaff, AZ has a strong following and their annual Celtic Festival is going on this weekend (July 16 &17). I'm sorry that I am unable to attend it this year.

Also, while living in Upstate, NY...Buffalo has a very large session group that has been ongoing for at least 6 years, Syracuse is also doing strong.

My good friends at the Fiddle and Bow Music Society in Winston-Salem, NC was founded on the Traditional Music genre and is still going strong after 20 years with weekly shows and sessions of performing artists and local musicians respectfully.

From my experience, there is a considerable amount of musicians, (professional and non-professional) venues, sessions, etc. all dedicated to the preservation and engagement of traditional Irish Music here in the states!

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