Over the last number of weeks we have been receiving a steady stream of CD's through from artists. One thing is clear. The standard of music and music production is at a very very high level indeed. I think we must be going through a very fertile period in Irish traditional music. Each and every album shines in some way or other and musicians that have spent a lifetime learning their art are finally putting it down on record.

So where to from here. After decades of growth and appreciation for the music, what does the future hold. Is it more of the same or is there some new undiscovered direction that the music will go over the next two decades?

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Maybe someone will try mixing it with punk......oh wait

Why does the music have to "go" anywhere?  This came up in a discussion on thesession.org as well -- why is there a belief amongst some individuals that contends that if the music is not seemingly "progressing" and if musicians aren't "innovating," this is somehow a bad thing?  Discuss.

I think in my experience its a form of familiarity breeds contempt. playing the same tunes the same way with the same instuments gets stale after a while and its good to envigorate it every now and then to give you that enthistastic 'new band' buzz.


If innovation was sacrificed then the only instruments we'd have would be fiddle, box and pipes

One can always learn new tunes and play with different people.  On thesession.org I also said that innovation seems to have acquired a very limited meaning -- if it's not finding a sexy way to fuse other types of music onto Irish music, it's not innovative.  It totally leaves out Ed Reavy and Willie Clancy and others who innovated, but pretty much did so within the tradition, rather than, "what if we add a lot of syncopation and jazz chords to this tune."  I prefer that over a lot of the fusion experiments I hear today.

Amongst the hot young players around here, Scandinavian music is the cool thing to be into, alongside fusing Irish/Scottish music with anything and everything.  Maybe Scandinavian players are getting equally as bored of their traditional music and playing Irish music.  ;-)

well then I would say that isnt innovation, it is as you said, fusion. People are entitled to do whatever they want with the music, its everybodys and nobodies at the same time. Im not a huge fan of fusion but Kila would be a band that does it well. as song as someone doesnt bring a synth , djembe or didg to a session im happy for people to innovate :)

All I can say is collaborate, why don't ye


If music be the food of love....I like bread.  If you keep making it the same way every day, it always tastes great. If you shove it in the toaster and put butter on it and maybe add a bit of Marmite, well that's not bad either. Different but not bad. If you put jam on as well... you're a bit sick or probably will be. Personally, I like my bread fresh from the oven with just a little bit of butter and never get tired of it.  That doesn't stop me from enjoying a bit of ice cream occasionally. I wouldn't want it every day though and it's not that easy to make so I can't be bothered.  If I could, would I go into a corn field to look for the ingredients? Probably not.  I wish I hadn't started this. Maybe I should try again. If you take a pint of Guinness and add two ounces of flour, an egg....

Thanks for giving me a little bit of a laugh early on a Sunday morning Terry. Very good. Please continue cause you left me hanging

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