I'm curious as to why so many people on social networks don't provide a photo of themselves. This site being no exception...

It's a bit like going to a session with a bag over your head or sending your instrument along on its own & hoping it will make friends for you!

In the past year so many people who are friends with me on Facebook have come up after gigs to say hello & it's been great to meet them in real life, and better still both recognise their face & even remember their name!

So come on... Stick a photo of the real you on here & who knows who you might meet at this years Fleadh or somewhere else for that matter!

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Ian, I can't disagree with a thing you have said about others intentions for anonymity.  However, I don't think those are my intentions.

And you have a strong point about being able to recognize people in the "real world".  I like to go to Irish festivals, for instance, and I can see how it would be fun, to have people recognize me cuz of this site.

I don't know... I'm just not thinking about the negatives of it.  This is my first venture into social networking.  I really naively thought that it's expected to be like talking on a CB radio... (ok stop laughing... yes I'm old  :) ... 48 actually) you're supposed to have some cool handle/nickname, right?


Hey Zeal S. Less of the 'old' please. I'm 48 too you know... But it's best to leave cool to twentysomething babies just out of their nappies. You don't have to be in a boy band to play this stuff!

I never put photos up, and that includes facebook, the internet is a dodgy place so I try to keep personal things out of it. 

Hi Brid,

Thanks for joining in.  It's good to hear your point of view, because your point of view is the one I have heard the most when discussing this subject with friends that do alot of social networking.  They have all warned me to have fun, but be cautious about engaging those with negative attitudes.  Some of my friends seem to think that it seems like alot of people use the internet to vent, and say ugly things they wouldn't say in person.  Which I think supports Ian's point of view.  They said that one of the signs to watch out for is responses that seem to sway from the focus of the initial discussion.  With that said :) ... ...

I have thought about updating my avatar to an animated one.  I tried it and noticed that the .GIF I uploaded does not animate.  Is there something wrong with my avatar .GIF, or is that a feature limited at the discretion of the site moderator?


Oh yeah. I have been hammered on the internet (the site we shall not mention) for daring to disagree with someone, about tunes, anyway - I later found out who they were, and there were some really famous trad musicians in the group who were saying horrible things to me. They should learn a lesson though - even if you have a fake user name, it is such a small scene that chances are someone will find out who they are! 

Hi Brid, I am certainly aware that people can be very passionate with their opinions.  After all my handle is Zeal S., which is pronounced "zealous".  :)    So I can identify with being zealous in ones approach.  But I choose this handle because I am passionate about learning (hearing), not necessarily getting you to agree with me(speaking).  (I could drive you crazy with questions about music  I.E. Mixolydian???... really... what???  :)   Sometimes I ask questions and people think I am "questioning" their experience or reputation, when I truly am just trying to get them to explain why the answer is the answer.  I choose to be anonymous to help provide a small sense of privacy, in that I could change my "identity" and still be able to continue with other discussions, and not have to continue to deal with a situation such as you just described.

-Zeal S.

Hi Brid & Zeal S. We will be working very hard to protect the integrity of TradConnect and in 14 months have only had to delete one discussion that got out of hand. It is worth stating that we do not view the discussion forum as being the heart of the site, it is only a part of it and so we will step in early if necessary and delete comments in future if the need arises. We do not feel to bad about this as the heart of the site is about real people connecting offline.

Last night I spent two hours in the home of member Paul Ivory in Ballymoney  in Wexford. Played lots of tunes and will meet up for more. Without TradConnect I would not have known that he played fiddle and lived about 2 miles from my holiday place in Wexford. That's what the site is about and I hope that others connect, either where they live or when they travel. If people behave rudely online there is little chance of them behaving offline. Thankfully we seem to have a very nice bunch of members. So I hope you won't experience any "horrible" experiences here.

Hello Tony,

Glad you joined us.  I really am curious to know the answer to my question:

"I have thought about updating my avatar to an animated one.  I tried it and noticed that the .GIF I uploaded does not animate.  Is there something wrong with my avatar .GIF, or is that a feature limited at the discretion of the site moderator?"

I'm wondering if motion avatars are newbie faux pas, like playing ButterFly at a fast session, or ordering a Black&Tan while playing Irish music?  ;)

-Zeal S.

No worries Tony! You can tell that it is a very different vibe from some of the other forums! 

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