I was just reading about a member here, who was one time actually asked his religion, as if being Catholic, was some sort of qualification for being able to play Irish Music well! ... Duh!

Apart from that being utterly idiotic, the person asking the question clearly didn't know their history & how the Church at one time was very much against the music, because of course, as we all know ... it leads to Sin! :-)


Anyway, this nonsense got me thinking about wise words & music ... the words of George Carlin sprang to mind, so I thought this might be an opportunity to start gathering up our favourite Musical Quotes.

They can be about music in general, as well as about Irish Music of course & wise words from Irish Musicians are best of all.

So here goes, I hope you'll join in.


"The only good thing ever to come out of religion, was the music." - George Carlin


"Never sacrifice enjoyment for perfection" - Dan O'Connell


"Madam, you have between your legs an instrument capable of giving pleasure to thousands - and all you can do is scratch it." - Beecham Sir Thomas 1879 - 1961 (to a cellist)

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Dr. Johnson was observed by a musical friend of his to be extremely inattentive at a concert, whilst a celebrated solo player was running up the divisions and subdivisions of notes upon his violin. His friend, to induce him to take greater notice of what was going on, told him how extremely difficult it was. "Difficult do you call it, Sir?" replied the Doctor; "I wish it were impossible."
"There is nothing, I think, in which the power of art is shown so much as in playing on the fiddle." Samuel Johnson

“All music is folk music, I ain't never heard no horse sing a song”

 Louis Armstrong quotes (American leading trumpeter, one of the greatest artists in jazz history, 1901-1971)

" If music be the food of love - that explains why i'm hungry all the time" me - about 5 mins ago.

I got my first lesson on the box at the Willie Week this year 2011, and now I have to practically relearn all tunes, it's a good job that I didn't know that many in the first place.   John F 2011


"I've suffered for my music, and now its your turn!"  Michael Robert Orme 2011

“I've never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deceptions life may have in store for you, music itself is never going to let you down.”

 Virgil Thomson quotes (American Composer, 1896-1989)

Aye Ken, that's a good 'un alright.

By the way, that was me on Fiddle, right at the start of that movie.

Of course, they didn't use what we were playing for the soundtrack, cause apart from my own poor Fiddling only one of those wee boys could actually Fiddle, so they were just pretending.

It was actually Paddy Glackin who was my musical stunt double, for that scene! :-)

Recently at a session I was at, the fellow playing Uillean Pipes just finished playing a very difficult reel at top speed, and nailed it, just beautiful..  One of the other session players said out of admiration, "You make that look so hard."  Oh the plight of a piper.

“When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.”

 Edgar Watson Howe quotes (American Editor, Novelist and Essayist, He was known as the Sage of Potato Hill, 1853-1937)

Here's a musical quote for the weekend (and every day)!:

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

 Berthold Auerbach quotes (German novelist, 1812-1882)



It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness of pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature and everlasting beauty of monotony. 
Benjamin Britten

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