As this website becomes more & more international, it becomes increasingly obvious that we are all living in completely different environments, time zones, climate regions, hemispheres, etc etc.

So I thought it might be fun if we each posted a photo of the view we have from our window, as we sit at home playing our Irish Music.


My own view is a fairly typical one of Irish countryside, with fields of green grass, hedges & hills. However, I have no doubt that others may well look out on rather different scenery.


So here's the challange, all you need to do is post a photo of your favourite view, from the window in your house which you site next to, or near, when you are playing your Irish Music. Let's see just how varied our landscapes really are. I've every confidence we'll end up with some gorgeous views of Tundra, Ice Wilderness, City, Village, Mighty Forests, Sea Cliffs, Deserts etc etc


N.B. Obviously, one should take great care when posting any photo here, that it doesn't reveal your exact location, so younger members may be excused from this exercise, unless they are 100% confident that their view could not possibly be traced.


Anyway, to kick the whole thing off, here's the view from my back window, up here on the Causeway Coast of North Antrim. Not very spectacular I know, but let's keep them coming & .... prepare to be dazzled! 8-)


Back Window:

Side  Window: with the Sperrins on the horizon.



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My God that's so cute.

Hey, the ideal view for playing tunes like: The Bunny's Hat, The Rabbit, Battle With The Dust Bunny King.

Also Battle With The Dust Bunny King, The Rabbit In The Field, Rabbit On The Deathslide, but, for the sake of your lawn I wouldn't play The Rabbit's Burrow & probably best not to even think about playing Catching Rabbits, Myxamatosis or Rabbit Stew!



Ah, dat alone would really make u practice...gr8 pic

Lars Mott said:

Here's a view from the same window as before. They gather round to hear some trad. music in the evenings ; )


No Crocs in Tennessee Dick, thankfully. Ive swam a couple times out back, but were are just a half mile downstream from the dam and the lake is a lot nicer for watching bikinis, I mean swimming  :)
Great idea Dick! many beautiful places! Adding my favorite Arizona view when practicing/playing...


Hey Ed, if I had a view like that, from my window, I'd probably never leave home!

I keep watching that photo ... expecting to see Roadrunner go ........ Meep, Meep flashing by! :-)



lol...Thanks Dick! Yeah, we do have road runners, and they are amazing to watch when they go! I would leave the area it in a heartbeat though to visit your beautiful country! It's one of the "must dos" on my bucket list! Enjoy your posts! -  :::---( o )

Well Ed, you know from sites like this, that when you do come over here on a visit, there'll be lots of friends waiting to see you.



Thanks for the kind gesture Dick! To have an opportunity to be a part of where it all started, would be awesome! It would be the "Real Deal" for me!

Here's a view from behind our house - that's the Blackstair Mountains in the distance.


That's some view Will, them is Mountains!! You must be fit!

I think you use the 'Image' button in the toolbar above and browse to the image.

Will Beavan said:

Aye, I cycle them. 3,1/2-4 hours in 1st gear Up up up  1/2 hour down the other side. phew...mind you i havent done it recently! :-)[ I think the problems ive been having are browzer issues.. I use firefox but edit doesnt work while it does in IE] edit... hmm, now 'edit' does work ? stranger and stranger double edit.. ok thanks... got it!

BarryD said:

That's some view Will, them is Mountains!! You must be fit!

I think you use the 'Image' button in the toolbar above and browse to the image.

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