A commonly asked question is - what make of strings do you use & what guages do you prefer.

So here's an opportunity to tell folks what works for you.

Please let us know whether you play a 17 or a 19 Fret instrument too.


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Well, to begin with, Brazil had a tradition of tenor banjo playing, in the beginning of the 20th century, but it virtually disappeared. It was used in brazillian popular music a lot, to play all sorts of instrumentals. So, the one I have is not a 17 nor a 19 fret, but a 21 fret brazillian one. =P


I´ve been using GDAE tuning, and because its a bit hard to get tenor banjo string sets over here, I adapt some mandolin and guitar strings to it. I believe I´m currently using 0.45, 0.35, 0.24 (wound one, for the A string) and a 0.11


I like heavier gauges usually.

I use bronze loop end strings from Clareen - it has a wound A string as well which gives it a richer sound.
La Bella, light gauge. Not sure what the actual string gauges are.

I have used the standard tuning CGDA and used the tenor set found in most stores, but I rarely play for the client I originally was accompanying it with, so I've moved to the Irish tuning GDAE and use a custom set of Classical guitar (nylon) A for the G string, although I may try an E next. and a .025 D, .015A, and .011 E

My Gibson has an extremely short neck which makes it easy to play but fussy to find the right strings for and intonate accurately with a straight bridge. I don't know od any compensated tenor bridges. Anyone else seen one? 

Newtone Phosphor bronze wound 13,20,30,40 with a wound A available from www.eaglemusic.co.uk on a 19 fret TB4.  I'm now using ADAE tuning, but occasionally drop back to GDAE.


I have a 19 fret tenor tuned GDAE and I have been very happy with Phosphor Bronze 40 30 20 and a steel 13. Great tone  that carries well.

I've been using GHS phosphor bronze octave mandolin strings on my 17 fret 12,22w,32w,44w and you get 2 sets.

I  have a 19 fret tenor banjo tuned GDAE and use phosphor bronze 38w 28w 18w 12 steel


Lovely sound !!! 

well, i'm afraid rather than telling you what i play as i don't know i'm actually looking for advice on what to play. I am playing a Tanglewood banjo for two years now since i started learning. I know, probably only good for the fire you may say but it still has the same strings on it from the shop which are very basic i imagine. I bought some guitar strings for it but i'm nervous of changing them as i don't really know how. My technique is i would say rough to say the least.I have terrible trouble trying to play at any sort of speed my plectrum gets clogged up in the strings. I am mostly being taught in a group and just learning tunes so am trying to teach myself technique and it's not really working so any advice on what to do what strings to use or anything like that to make it a little easier would be most welcome 


Newtone (Eaglebrand UK) phosphor-bronze 38w 28w 18w 12 for GDAE on my Epiphone Recording A. Works for me!


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