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This page is also a work in progress. To start us off I have tried to find nice "clean" versions whilst at the same time seeking to demonstrate the charm of these pieces on a variety of different instruments. Feel free to add your own links using the "Comments" box below and I will upload them to the main section for you. Also feel free to use the "Comments" box to give your thoughts on any of the versions of the tunes you see uploaded here. Please also leave a comment to report any links that are not working and I will investigate.

All Alive - See Entry for William Ward


Baptist Johnston (Baptist Johnson) - Solo Mandolin


Beauty In Tears - Solo Ukelele

Betty MacNeill - Solo Piano

(See listing for Miss MacMurray)


Betty O'Brien (and Donal O'Brien) - solo piano 

Blind Mary - Whistle and Guitar

Bridget Cruise (1st and 2nd airs) - Solo Piano

Bridget Cruise (3rd and 4th airs) - Solo Piano

Captain Higgins - Silver Flute and Guitar


Captain   Magan - Guitar Duet

Captain O'Kane - Harp and Fiddle

Captain O'Neill - Solo Harp

Carolan's Cap (and Carolan's Cup) - Solo Piano

Carolan's Concerto - 1/Solo Guitar, 2/ Solo Fiddle, 3/ Solo Uilleann Pipes

Carolan's Cottage - Solo Harp

Carolan's Cup - Solo Hammered Dulcimer (see Carolan's Cap for Solo Piano version)

Carolan's Dowry (Captain Sudley) - Solo Guitar


Carolan's Draught - (and an unrelated reel!) - Mandolin and Guitar

Carolan's Dream - Solo Guitar

Carolan's Farewell to Music - 1/Solo Guitar, 2/ Fiddle & Guitar

Carolans Frolic (Thomas Judge) - See listing for Hewlett

Carolans Lament (Unnamed tune No 2) - Ensemble

Carolans Maggot - Solo Piano

Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady - 1/Solo Hammered Dulcimer, 2/ Solo Guitar

Carolan's Ramble To Cashel - Ensemble (Northern Lights)

Carolan's Reciept for Drinking (Dr. John Stafford) - Solo Guitar

Carolan's Welcome (Unnamed tune 1) and unrelated tune "Rolling in the Barrel" - 1/ Ensemble (Lunasa) 2/ Solo Guitar

Catherine Martin - See listing for Mr Malone

Charles O'Conor - 1/ Solo Guitar, 2/ Tenor Guitar, Mandolin, Nyckelharpa, Tenor Banjo & Anglo Concertina.

Colonel John Irwin (Planxty Irwin) - Fiddle and Guitar


Colonel Manus O'Donnell - Solo Guitar 


Colonel O'Hara - Solo Harp


Conor O'Reilly - Solo Guitar


 Cremonea - Cuatro de Puerto Rico and Mandolin


Denis O'Conor (2nd air) - Fretted Dulcimer

Doctor Delaney (and Mrs Delaney) - Solo Piano


Donal O'Brien - see lising for Betty O'Brien

Edmond MacDermott Roe - Solo Piano

Edward Corcoran - Solo Hammered Dulcimer

Eleanor Plunkett - Solo Ukelele

Elizabeth Nugent - Solo Piano

Fanny Dillon - Solo Harp

Fanny Power - Ensemble (Barde)

Father Brian MacDermott Rowe - Solo Piano

George Brabazon 1st air - Solo Harp
George Brabazon 2nd air - Ensemble (10 Harpers and The Chieftains)

Grace Newgent - Solo Piano

Hewlett & Carolan's Frolic (Thomas Judge) - Solo Harp

James Betagh - Solo Harp


James Crofton - Solo Piano


John O'Connor - Solo Harp

Maurice O'Connor (2nd air) - Solo Harp

Miss MacMurray (and Betty MacNeill) - Solo Piano

Mr Malone (and Catherine Martin) - Solo Piano

Katherine O'More - Silver Flute and Guitar

Kean O'Hara (1st air) - Solo Harp

Kean O'Hara (2nd air) - Ensemble

Kean O'Hara (3rd air) - Solo Harp


Lady Athenry and Hewlett - 1/ Solo Guitar, 2/ Lady Athenry and Lady Blayney - solo piano


Lady Blayney - see 2nd entry for Lady Athenry


Lady Dillon - Harp and Orchestra


Lament for Charles Macabe - Solo Piano

Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill - Ensemble (Howard Baer)


Lament   For Terence MacDonough

Loftus Jones - Uilleann Pipes and Harp

Lord Galway's Lamentation


Lord Inchiquin - Solo Harp

Mervyn Pratt - Solo Guitar


Miss Fetherston Or Carolan's Devotion - Fiddle and Guitar


Miss MacDermott (The Princess Royal) - Ensemble - Mandolin Orchestra


Morgan Magan - Solo Anglo Concertina

Mrs Cole - Solo Guitar

Mrs Delaney (See entry for Doctor Delaney)


Mrs Edwards - Solo Guitar


Mrs Judge - Ensemble (Caledonian Companion)


Mrs Keel - Solo Piano


Mrs Maxwell (1st air) - Harp and Flute


Mr O'Connor - Ensemble (Kells)


Nancy Cooper 1st air AND 2nd air - Solo Piano


Ode To Whisky - Flute and Harpsichord(?)

O'Flinn - Solo Piano


O'Rourkes' Feast - Solo Piano

Planxty Burke - Ensemble (Clannad)


Planxty Sweeney - Solo Fretted Dulcimer

Planxty Maggie Brown (Unnamed tune 10) - and unrelated tune "The Three Sea Captains" - Uilleann Pipes Duet 

Richard Cusack

Seperation of Soul and Body - Lute


Si Bheag Si Mhor - 1/Ensemble (Planxty), 2/ Ensemble (Cormac Breathnach of Deiseal), 3/ Solo Guitar, 4/ Solo Guitar

Sir Arthur Shaen - Solo Harp

Sir Festus Burke - Fiddle and Guitar

Sir Charles Coote - Mandola, Mandolin and Octar

Squire Parsons - 1/Solo Guitar, 2/Ensemble

Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Refusal of his Halfpence - Mountain Dulcimer Duet

The Clergy's Lamentation - Solo Harp

The Fairy Queen - Fiddle and Guitar

The Seas are Deep - Solo Piano

The Two William Davises - Solo Piano

Thomas Burke - Solo Concertina


William Ward - Solo Piano

Unnamed air No 1 - See listing for Carolan's Welcome

Unnamed air No 2 - See listing for Carolan's Lament
Unnamed air No 10 - See listing for Planxty Maggie Brown

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Comment by Conor Casey on June 27, 2012 at 17:19

I like this recording of "Carolan's Welcome". The Guitarist's name is David Rogers and he has another few nice ones on youtube.


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