Hey guys, feel free to check out my collection of Whistles and hit me with any questions you may have. Enda

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Hi Enda,


What is it about whistle players? we can never just have one can we?


Interesting to note a Generation high F in aluminium on your list (if I've read that correctly!) Is this something new? - I thought all their silver whistles were plated brass.


Are any of the collection "tweaked"?


And that Clare 2 piece made me smile - they are great for your top pocket are'nt they? - and very affordable. I keep one in the car ALWAYS!


Those Sindt's do look the business. They seem to be favoured by a lot of top flight whistlers, I may have to order one! Having said that, I have a Burke high D that I am seriously impressed by - ever tried one?


Very interesting Enda, and thanks for posting. I'm going to have to photograph my collection - if I can ever track them all down!

Hi Mike, yes its a high F Generation in aluminium alright. Lovely high pitched sound. Sindts are my favourite for sure, especially the Eb for dance tunes and the Bb or C for slower tunes. I have tried the Burke and it needs alot more wind than the Sindt for me. I had a master class with the legendary Mary Bergin ans she now plays Sindts. I have also been very impressed by the Goldfinch High D. Nice clear consistent tone. I have a Goldie Low D on the way and also a Fred Rose High D. Happy Whistling!

By the way none of them are tweaked although I would like to try Cilliaan O'Briain's tweaked Feadog.

I have a Freeman tweaked "Blackbird" - nice whistle, though not my best. I have heard from other whistlers who have been very impressed by his tweaked "Gens".

And a master class from the mistress herself - you sure know how to make a chap jealous Enda!

Two master classes in fact! I'm doing a style analysis project on Mary too. She is such a nice person. So helpful.

Does this link still work?

No link doesnt work. Changed website a bit.

Oops. Link gets a "Page Not Found. The page you tried to access does not exist on this server" message

I visisted your site Enda.

Gonna have to buy yer album, the clips sound great.

Okay, it seems that will at least get one to your site. No way to view your whistles, though, that I can see.

Your whistling sounds great, but Colin Hoggs' bodhran is way too overpowering, in volume, tone and style. As first a bodhran player myself I wouldn't be able to listen to your album. Sorry.

Bodhran playing too loud. Very doubtful. It is a solo album but bodhran/whistle is a very common combination. No disrespect to you, Scott but you have been playing for 3 years. Colin is an All Ireland Champion Bodhran player. The tracks with Bodhran especially tracks 9, 11, 13 are all about the interplay between whistle and bodhran and I specifically told Colin to go for it. I have no regrets about that. I couldn't have been happier with Colin on the album. He did all his tracks in one take which is special. The volume is not and shouldn't be an issue at all because of the editing process. All I will say Scott is come to Ireland, learn about our tradition and music, listen to albums of all types in traditional Irish music and then comment. Thanks for the interest in my music. Enda

Hey Enda,

Just got your album, 'The Winding Clock'.

Outstanding work! Very fine whistling, thank you.



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