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Show your zouk!!

Started by Toon van den Boogaard. Last reply by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez Jun 13, 2017. 12 Replies

It's been quiet on this forum, and since the lousy weather seems to continue for all eternity, I take it upon my to ask about the instruments you play (concentrated on the bouzouki of course, but not…Continue

Nyberg Bouzouki

Started by Liam Caulfield. Last reply by Liam Caulfield Mar 15, 2016. 8 Replies

Hello Everyone,I hope you are all enjoying 2016!  I wanted to know if anyone in this group owns or has played a Lawrence Nyberg bouzouki.  I've been looking to upgrade from the cheap Luna that I've…Continue

Bouzouki help!

Started by Gerard O ' Connor Nov 29, 2015. 0 Replies

Hi all.Can someone point me in the right direction on where to buy a new or good quality second hand zouk. I'm based in the kildare area but willing to travel.Iv owned a very poor quality piece for…Continue

Upgrading My Bouzouki World

Started by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez. Last reply by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez May 26, 2015. 13 Replies

It's coming on two years since purchasing my present bouzouki (It was a gift from my wife, actually). As always happens, after time passes we all have a tendency to want "something better". Some of…Continue

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Comment by Brian O'Kane on March 3, 2012 at 22:08
Hi folks! I'm Brian & really glad to see a flourishing bouzouki presence on TradConnect. Looking forward to sharing learning experiences with you all & hopefully even get together to rattle out a few tunes one day!
I'm still playing GDAd after trying a few of the other tunings listed in the thread I started I feel this is right for me (did like ADAD though!)
I came from playing mando & basically had tried to directly transfer tune/melody playing to the zouk but felt I was "missing the point."
I have been lucky to get a few (ongoing) lessons with Michael McCague in Belfast & have really developed my theory & chord knowledge (still pretty basic but still a big improvement!)
It does feel as though I've gone back to the beginning but I know I'll be better for it. Will update as I progress & maybe even post a video as time goes on - if I get drunk enough!
Comment by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez on March 3, 2012 at 14:17

Hey Bouzouki Players!!!! We're having a grand time here at the Bouzouki Players Group. Check out the group setting and click on us. Then JOIN!!!!

Comment by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez on March 3, 2012 at 14:14

Well done, Lawrie. I agree with the "virtual comraderie" you pointed out. I'm really enjoying getting to know the lot of you. Yup,.....Donal Lunny is also on my list, as well as Alec Finn (see Mats input below). Didn't realize that Alec Finns' bouzouki was a 6 string Greek bouz (it's really beautiful as shown on some YouTube stuff I checked out last night). Also, I too, love the West African guitar riffs and how the instrument accentuates the feel of the music. Sometimes while playing in a session, I get the urge to break into something I know will fit nicely, but don't (because I don't want to upset any of the session mates, especially the old time hardcore trad players, "What was that cha did there, Danny? This ain't no jam session!!!!"). I'll be sure to check out Caoimhin O Raghallaighs' fiddle playing. Thanks again, Lawrie.

P.S.: Keep playing and singing with your lovable daughter. Cheers

Comment by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez on March 2, 2012 at 22:02

Thanks for the background, Mats!!! My first visit to Ireland was back in 2007.  Can't wait to go back (next year, if all goes well). We (my wife & I)  visited southern Ireland, starting in Dublin, south then west then north and eventually up to WestPort, then back to Galway. Next year we're hoping to see northern Ireland and then take the ferry to Scotland. I'm very impressed with what you shared of your background. We'll have to talk more about Alec Finn. Until next time, Danny.

Comment by Mats Lindgren on March 2, 2012 at 21:41

Well, mr Dhomnaill, a nice list of music skills.

I started to play guitar when I was 10 years old and  I have learned to play my instrument by my self (guitar, mandolin, bouzoki, banjo, bodhran (a little bit), mouth-organ (some tunes and a little blues). The guitar is my "1:st" instrument and I have played pop-music, rock-music, jazzrock-music and so on till I found out that Irish trad. music, after visiting Ireland twice, first 1981 then 1985 and listening to all great musicians, was my way of express my self in music. I like to transform my bouzoki-playing from my former electric guitar-playing period once in a while but my favourite bouz-player is Alec Finn and there are a number of  fantastic bouz- players out there.

I´m 59 this year and I have played Irish music since 1979...


Comment by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez on March 2, 2012 at 2:12

Welcome, Mats. Well we're up to five!!!! Anyone got something to share??? Maybe some background info???

As for myself, I've been a musician/composer for 45 of my 60 years in many different genres: rock, folk, reggae, some jazz, latin, classical, Native American (social and spiritual songs), Irish and Scot Trad. Started my musical training in Junior High School (that's about the seventh year of schooling here in the States). playing 1st trumpet in the school band and orchestra. At a very early age my older brother and I used to entertain our family singing Christmas and Church songs (in harmony, came naturally). In my teens, I taught myself to play the guitar (hippie days, the Beatles and the British Invasion, folk music, early rock of the 60's). As time went on I moved onto other stringed instruments: electric bass, banjo, stand up bass, cello, sitar. At some point I picked up some wind instruments: recorders, sikus (South American pan pipes), quenas (South American flutes), Native American flutes and whistles, okarina, chanter, tinwhistles, a set of parlor pipes (tried a set of bagpipes and thought I was going to die, I settled for the parlor pipes). Also, had a touching relationship with many percussion instruments: different hand drums, Native American PowWow Drum (large drum with anywhere from 5 to 12 singers), Native American Water Drum, bodhran, shakerai, berembau (spelling??? - South American gourd twangy thing). I've been playing Irish Trad for the past 5 years. Presently, I own a 12 string Taylor guitar (EADGBE), a 6 string Gibson (DADGAD), a Luna Bouzouki (GDAD), 4 recorders (different sizes), a quena, a chanter, a set of parlor pipes, a Double Flute (droning flute), 3 Susato Tinwhistles (D, Bb, C), my cheap little Guiness tinwhistle (that I bought in Dublin Airport gift shop on our first trip to Ireland,.....still love the raw sound of it), a table Celtic harp and a bodhran. Over the years I sold or gave away all the other instruments I owned. (Geez,....I hope this isn't boring anyone. Just trying to start a little dialogue.) As far as the bouzouki, my main influence has been Andy Irvine (Planxty, Sweeney's Men, Patrick Street). Many of his early performances, interviews, and more recent stuff (as seen on YouTube) really kicked something in me, ("WOW,....that's soooo coool!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!") Then went on a search for other bouzouki players,......and here I am today,....anxious to hear and learn from members of this group. The TradConnect "Bouzouki Players?" discussion was extremely informative. I was surprised that I could actually follow all the "players' jargon", although I was never into the talk of music,.... I just played. Now all that stuff learned earlier in my life came back,....and I hunger for more!!! So please contribute your words and experiences to this group. "GASP!!!!" I've gone on for too long so I'll shut up now!!!

Comment by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez on March 1, 2012 at 13:23

Welcome, Jim. I guess we're now the "Eight-String Beastie Boys"!!! I think we need some "Beastie Girls" in this group to balance us out. Whaddaya say, ladies??? Care to join us????

Comment by James T. (Jim) Schneider on March 1, 2012 at 2:44

Okay, now I'm in both  Bouzouki groups, players of what Zan called "the eight-stringed beast." 

Comment by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez on March 1, 2012 at 2:02

Thanks, Phil!!!! Thanks (again), Lawrie!!!! I guess you're both right,......a hardshell guitar case is probabaly the best way to go. I'll be looking for the HISCOX website to look at the specs,....better yet would be to find a store/distributor to look, touch, feel, smell, taste,......well, you get the idea. Good looking out for me, mates. Thanks again. Danny

Comment by Dhomhnaill A. Lopez on February 29, 2012 at 16:11

The reason I started this group stems from my visit to the discussion, "Bouzouki Players?" I knew (at that time) that there were at least two (or three) ways to tune the bouzouki, and was pleasantly surprised to find other different ways for tuning. I am very interested in the various ways the lot of you tune your instruments. Perhaps you could elaborate on the advantages, likes or dislikes, differences, etc.

Also, I am having a rough time trying to find a Hard Bouzouki Case for my recently purchased Luna (measures 34.5 cm/W x 99cm/L x 10cm/D; flattop). Even though it may not be as elaborate and as well made (or well known) as what you may have (it is my first), I do want to travel with it with peace-of-mind (I do have a soft case for it but would never get on a plane or even want a baggage handler to throw it around,....that would make me cry big tears). Any suggestions would be very helpful. Cheers, Danny




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