Tradconnect's mission is to encourage more traditional music by connecting players wherever they live.  As Tradconnect grows, so to do the number of musicians near you. However as we are a new web site it will take some time for word to get out about this initiative. We are growing very quickly and will get there.  For now there are a number of things you can do to find members that are near you.


1. Member Map

We have recently added a Member Map which you will find under the member tab on the main page. We would encourage you to add your location to this map. For anyone with privacy concerns we would highlight the following.

1. The map only gives an approximate location You do not need to give your house/apartment number. Simply give your road or street. Better still give a local landmark, town hall, your local pub or other public building.

2. Once you have added your address you can check how accurately it locates you and edit your details as appropriate. Simply drag the "orange man" and drop him on your pin.

This map allows you to see who near you plays and at what level they are at. Check if they want to connect with others, as this was one of the profile questions they answered when joining Tradconnect. You are then free to make contact should you be looking for someone at their level to join your session or alternatively start a session.


2. Member Search

An alternative way to locate members near you. Simply go to the Members Tab on the home page. You can then enter your location in the search box just below where it says "All Members". Enter your location ie New York, Dublin, Clare and press return.  This will bring up the members in that area.  If you want you can also use the Advanced Search to search for more specific information. If you want to contact any members you can then either leave a comment on their profile or issue them a Friend Request.  Once you are friends with members you can issue private emails.


3. Tradconnect Group Feature

On Tradconnect we have a "Groups" feature which is used for a variety of reasons.  We use it as a way of gathering musicians by geographical region. Our ultimate goal is to have a group for every county in Ireland, state in the USA, region in the UK and by country after that.

At present we have the following groups as detailed on our Quick Guide

Please bear in mind that TradConnect is a relatively new site which is growing all the time. There may not be a group for your area just yet. Group Creators have to emerge for each area so if you think that this is something you might want to do, read This Discussion and take it from there.

Once you join your nearest group you will be listed with all other musicians in your area as long as you answered "Yes" to your profile question " Do you want to connect with other musicians? 

Over time these County/State groups will grow as new members join. When critical mass is achieved they will become an information point for all things trad in your location. It is early days yet and membership of Tradconnect needs to grow first. However when this happens we will eventually have a group for every county in Ireland, state in the USA etc.

These "local groupings" will be a fantastic tool for members.

  • You will know who the players in your county are and what level they are at.
  • You will know who in your city, town or village plays music.
  • If you need a fiddle, concertina or guitar for your session you will be able to source one.
  • Through these groups you will be able to send a message to all members informing them of some event that is taking place.
  • You can use the group feature as a noticeboard when trying to organise sessions.
  • You can post notices in the group about local events.
  • You can keep informed of new sessions starting in your area.
  • You can specifically target members local to you for charity events, concerts etc

That's our goal and over time we will achieve it. So check the groups we have and consider starting one for your county.


4. Professional Trad Musicians Noticeboard

If you are a professional musician in Ireland you should check out our Professional Trad Musicians Noticeboard which is a group you can join. It is simply a noticeboard for professional musicians that want to be notified of opportunities for studio work, short notice fill in's, tour work etc. By joining you will get notified of opportunities as they arise.



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