Site Guidelines

The following Site Guidelines have been written to help you understand what it means to be a member of TradConnect. As we have grown we have become for all musicians both professional and amateur. As we develop we want Tradconnect to become a place where people connect and where professionals can promote their music to an appreciative audience.

We therefore place a big emphasis on content control and moderation. This especially applies to the discussion forums where we ask members to moderate their behavior. We are all passionate about the music. However if discussions start to get personal, rude, over zealous etc they will be deleted without warning. We do not have the resources to discuss why. It will just happen. If you think this is unfair and inhibits free speech than this site is not the place for the discussions you want to have. We are here to promote the music, connect members  and support the artists.


What To Do


Do be nice

We are a community of many types of people, who all have a right to feel comfortable and who may not think what you think, believe what you believe or see what you see. So, be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members.


Do use the site facilities.

This enhances the community experience - from uploading videos of you playing your instrument if you play one, uploading photographs, using your blog etc. Do this at your own pace if you are new to online social communities.


Do moderate your content.

You need to take responsibility for ensuring that what you upload is appropriate. If your judgement proves to be poor, we'll send you a warning or ban you from participating altogether. We'd rather not do this. Just be responsible.


Try to keep the topic specific to the forum, and don't wander too far off topic.

It makes the community more reliable if we can keep the forum interesting and true to the discussions that are started.


Do upload a photo if possible.

This makes the site more human and interesting.




Don't advertise other goods or services or use this site for commercial purposes.

Profiles and postings that consist primarily of such promotions ( and/or spam) may be terminated at any time.


Harvesting or otherwise collecting information about others , is not allowed.

Group creators can see your activity so be cautious. You can usually tell legitimate groups from phishers. In addition this site has inbuilt Spam detectors that highlight members that are acting suspiciously.


Don't forget families and children.

Take the time to filter your content responsibly. If you would hesitate to show your avatar or comments or content to a child, your mum or Uncle Bob, that means it needs to be managed. So, ask yourself that question as you upload your material and moderate accordingly. If you don't, it's likely that your account will be reviewed then banned by us. We're unpaid, and often grumpy. Don't push it. If in doubt send us an email.


Do not load or embed videos into the Latest Activity Feed

This is a family site and loading or attempting to load videos into the Latest Activity Feed is not allowed. You may load videos into the video section where they form part of the TradConnect library. They can be loaded into your My Page. They can be loaded into the discussion forum and blogs as long as they are not advertising or commercial in nature.


Don't use a nickname or a handle.

Don't register with a nickname, or in the name of a company or organisation. We are promoting a community of real people so don't hide behind a nickname. First name will do if you are very sensitive.


Do not issue repeated postings on the same topic.

Do not issue repeated posting of the same blog or discussion on the site. Once issued the blog or discussion will remain on the site for members to view.


Don't vent your frustrations, rant or bore the brains out of other members.

Keep things in check. Start your own site if this is your approach to life. Discussions posted must have a clear point and must not be a rant against everything and anything. They must be clearly constructed and presented.


Attacking people on a personal level is not ok

This means you can disagree with anyone, but if you make it a personal assault you will be banned. If we see you trying, at least, to be a good citizen, we may take it easy, but we'll make a quick decision if your being unruly.


Chat Room

The same levels of behavior apply to the Chat Room. No foul language or discussions that you would not have in front of your children. Even when you have finished your discussion your conversation stays on the site for others to read.


Don't be creepy

You know the guy. Don't be that guy

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