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Back from Öland Irish festival

Right.. Back again after a weekend starting with torrential downpours on friday, sitting in with the band 'Cuts and crans' as bodhrán stuntman : )

The saturday cleared up (thank God) and we had a good craic with lots of music and, among a host of others, the…


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Lifting Spirits

Two of my favourite artists (Conal O'Grada and Colm Murphy) on two of my favourite instruments (Flute and Bodhrán)

All rolled into one, and a nice set, Lord Gordon's / Kiss the maid behind the barrel lift my spirits every time i hear it.

Great music!



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Tunes in a box

Actually i prefer the air hose jig..

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Fixing old/bad instruments

Found a video today on how to improve a "Ebay/Pakistani/tourist" € 40 bodhrán. Great stuff, and great results for little effort.

Now i was thinking if members here could/would share tips like for example what/how to make a flea market mandolin, if not great, at least playable.  I don't mean major stuff, but more like putting new strings on, maybe oiling…


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Home cooking, Sam Murray recipe

Sam says on his maintenance page:

"The tuning slide and the traditional waxed thread joints should be coated with joint grease. 

The grease is made by melting one part of beeswax to two parts of…


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Old gold

This song is very special to me.. Planxty was one of the greatest bands ever IMO.



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Cracking tunes!


If you're at all interested in trad. Irish music you owe it to yourself to listen to this breathtaking tune by Frankie Gavin, Alec Finn and last but not least my personal Jesus on the bodhrán, Colm Murphy.



While i am at it, here's one more feat. Frankie Gavin on tin whistle and the one and only Colm Murphy on the bodhrán.



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Deadly Buzz | Aoibhinn Crónán

Listening to this new album a.t.m. Absolutely brilliant stuff (as you would expect) The combination of flat set of pipes and fiddle (also flute on a couple tracks) is pure magic, If you haven't already - run along and get this album!

All the best

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Early Christmas today!

Without further ado, here's my preciousSSSss :)

Just back from postoffice, of course i tried it almost before taking shoes off. Except for my crappy embouchure it's a belting flute! On those rare occasions when i get the embouchure right it buzzes between my fingers and has that almighty earthy powerful tone Mr Murray is famous for. All in all i am a happy camper today :)



Added by Lars 'Larry Mór' Mott on July 14, 2011 at 9:44 — 1 Comment

Great expectations

First off - Murray flute is now on Swedish soil! Expecting it tomorrow or friday latest! Eat my shorts Santa, this is the highlight of the year so far : )

Second - I will take the bodhrán workshop at  the

Öland Celtic Irish Music Festival…


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First day of my vacation. Murray flute has now left Portlaoise, waiting is killing me, can't for the life of me understand why it has to be sent from Galway -> Athlone -> Portlaoise.. What's next? Naas? Sigh..

Oh well, maybe i should sit down and play "March of the king of Laoise" in the meantime : )

Got a Macassar bodhrán tipper from Christian Hedwitschak today so a little comfort there, feels pretty awesome too!

Yay for Christian, you're the man!…


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Now i have tracking number for the Sam Murray flute, yay! Checked 'AnPost' website:





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I have a keyless 'D' concert flute by Sam Murray in the making, and it's 14 days overdue delivery.

I was concerned and didn't get a reply to my mails so phoned Sam yesterday. He explained to me that his son/s do all the internet/mail communication, and Sean was away at the moment, hence no answer to my mails.

He told me to rest assured i will get the flute sometime next week, the reason for the delay was that he wasn't quite happy with one of the sections, so he made a new one…


Added by Lars 'Larry Mór' Mott on July 7, 2011 at 10:45 — No Comments

Having a retro/stop and listen-day.

Started thinking today, after a mail conversation with Christian Hedwitschak, a nice funny dude btw, about development in technology etc. and arrived at the conclusion that for me personally it doesn't get any better than the following clip, featuring basically no-frills instruments, just loads of skill.…


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Not bad for a day's work

Been busy today, ordering a iMpempe whistle in B with extra Bb body
and a Macassar bodrán stick
Not bad for a days work, eh? : )

Added by Lars 'Larry Mór' Mott on July 5, 2011 at 16:45 — No Comments

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