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Hand dexterity

Well, it has happened.  My worst fear as a string instrument player, let alone any other instrument.

A couple of years ago I had noticed some pain in my left hand and wrist area after playing any of my instruments for about an hour.  I would chalk it up as getting on in years, but this is not the case after all.  The accident I had to my left arm a few weeks ago did not help the situation

After numerous tests over the past year, since 2012, and a lot of therapy, it seems I am…


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Hearing my Violin

I started playing guitar when I was 10 yrs. old, now at 61 yrs. old I play guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, whistle, piano, and organ, with a lot of military drumming in the mix.  One thing I don’t think any of us expect is loss of hearing.  Why? Because it actually happens gradually and we get used to the way we are hearing things.


About 2 yrs. ago, my wife finally got fed up and told me to bite the bullet and get my hearing checked. …


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I came across this film clip on my FB page tonight and thought I would share it.  As a Luthier and multi-instrumentalist I am humbled by the tenacity, love of music, and imagination by these young folk.  I wonder if the "pedigree" of our instruments we play really matters, especially in this day and age.…


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Hello there;

Just finished doing some ABC stuff and composed 3 tunes in the "Slide" style.

The titles represent members of my family and how I interpret their characters. The Eldest (Albert's Slide) is me , the older of brothers. Brothers 2 are my siblings who are paternal twins. Wilfred of Cochrane is my dad who was raised in Cochrane ON CA. Carpenter Bill is my father in-law who who does a lot of woodworking and carving and turned 91 this year (2012).

The links are…


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My New Whistle

Here is an email I sent to Sandy Jasper of Elf Song Whistles in British Columbia Canada:

 Hi Sandy;

Got the whistle this morning (Tues) exactly one week after you shipping,

which is right on.

Very beautiful whistle ascetically, and has the tone I was looking for.  Soft

and almost flutey. Excellent for airs and such.  I will have to try it out in

the bathroom to get that haunting echo sound  ;) . …


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Grá a Mhamó

I remember as a young lad, along with my brothers, spending a goodly portion of our days, especially during school year at my baile seanathair nó seanmháthair an (the grandparent's home).  Both our parents, as many did, worked.  We would eat our share of her home cooked Irish fare, listen as she sang songs she learned as a girl back in Eireann.  Even the radio was somehow tuned to Irish music, and so were her records (some may remember those vynl things that…


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Slow Barn Dance

Finding this site along with Irish Tenor Banjo has been quite exciting for me these past few weeks.  On other sites, the welcome for some of this music is not as warm.  Yes there are those who like "Celtic" music, but far and few between.  Over the pond here in Canada bluegrass seems to have taken front seat, along with Old Time Music as a very close second runner up.  The trouble with the "Celtic" label over here is that all music from the United Kingdom has been grouped together.  it is…


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Star of County Down

Hi there folks;

This is a tune I play on Fiddle more subdued, such as a ballad.  On the Tenor I play it more as a lively dance. 

This tune caught my ear about ten years ago, and I have it as a staple where ever I play.  I have heard this played as slow as can be, and at lightening speed.  Most Irish bands I have heard have a tendency of playing this at "sub-light" speed and can really give you a cardiac work out.

Please note the sheet music…


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Blind Mary - sheet music

I wasn't quite thinking when i had posted the Blind Mary sound file a few days back, and didn't post a link to my arrangement.  It is PDF format.

I have also included the tab for it with the notation and put chords as well.  The sound file has me playing with a pic, but it sounds equally fine if you finger pic it.

Blind Mary

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I have been cleaning up my workshop and lo and behold I found an old 6 string guitar I converted to tenor.  Kept the neck as is, just re-spaced the nut and altered the tail piece to accommodate the new spacing. Never did close up the holes in the head stock - I guess I should for appearances sake-naaa.

started "noodling" around and made this recording for you.  Enjoy!!!

Blind Mary

blessings to…


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