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Getting back...

Exploring my original musical community! I am trying to get back to blogging via There's a mountain of updates I have to check out first :)

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The Downfall of Paris (Irish/Celtic: violin / fiddle)

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Episode 50 of Sligo Agricultural Show

Friends check this out. This was shared by trad player Michael Curran and it covers a lot of topics including the revival of Sean Nos dancing. Very informative. People who are interested about Irish culture will surely enjoy this. I was smiling from beginning to end that later on I noticed my jaws ache.Such a sweet show.

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Exciting Manx Music:Barrule

The Isle of Man has its distinctive style of trad music. In the words of Scottish harper Rachel Hair :"Quickly realizing that there are far more jigs than reels in the Manx tradition..."

There is something to be said about music that speaks about the landscape of its origin:fresh, exciting and at…


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What a great trad year this is.

  It is funny how we are already in the second month of the year but it looks like  a great year anyway. Would you agree? Good things are happening so I guess the number 13 is not really a bad number after all. I have lived through the terrible 11 and 12 so what could be more terrible right?

I am so amazed that young ones as early as the age of 12 are starting to get into trad music. I get recommendations from both sides of the Atlantic to listen to this or that band because they are…


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Karl Nesbitt joins Ghost Head Revival

It's been three years since the release of Vista Point (read my interview with Karl Nesbitt for more info: it is great to see this Irish multi-instrumental artist go places. 

His new band…


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Amazing Sisters

 I stumbled upon these sisters who are natives of Kilnaboy Co. Clare. They call themselves Siun. They started their tin whistle training at the age of 9 and 10, then advanced to the uilleann pipes and other instruments while studying at  the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.  You can hear 4 tracks off their new album The Blue-eyed Rascal through their official website. They play with ease and…


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Michael Curran: Today’s Irish Youth in the Trad Scene

This post originally appeared in The Celtic Music Fan and I am sharing it here because this is all about Trad Music!

1. How does it feel to share the space with other talented musicians in the field of traditional Irish music?…


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Fresh Air

There is that longing to be away from something in order to get fresh air. Well, in my case it is the opposite. I feel like I have been away from my community for a long time and going back is like a breath of fresh air. I also posted the top 10 albums of traconnect in my blog. It is nice being fresh. 

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How Long Has It Been?



Can't believe the year is almost over. Halloween was a blast. I enjoyed it a lot. Traditional music was fun too. I am currently listening to the album of the Celtic tenors called Feels Like Home. It's beautiful. If you love Anuna, Celtic Thunder and Gregorian then you will love this new album.

It is too soon to make New Years resolution but I…


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Lazy Bear

 I was in hibernation for a while because I think it's the time of the year. I will try harder and get my act together soon. I need to post more and of course write more. I miss the forum too. Anyhow things are looking up :)

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Celtic peace is Out

  At last it is out. My persistence in reminding musicians about their contribution paid off.

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The Busy Bee Always Gets His Way

  Once you find the momentum you should never abandon it. That's one of the great lessons I learned in life. As the old saying goes: strike while the iron is hot. Momentum doesn't last forever. there are moments of complete stand still. This is normal. We all have that. I am glad I am persistent in making blog posts because this is the thing that gives me…


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I am writing a new article and my focus is PEACE

  I am asking statements from musicians to post on my site with a corresponding link to the websites. It is called Peace: what it is for me, and what can we do to achieve it?


Feel free to contribute.

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My Interview With Tony Lawless

  Ah I enjoyed this work so much. Tony answered interesting questions for my site.  I can now enjoy the weekend  and chill-out. I haven't read a book for  along time.  Please check this link to get to know Tony.

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New Blog Thanks to Jim McAuley.

I dropped by our wonderful forum today and Jim was very helpful in giving me amazing links relating to traditional Irish music. I thanked him in this blog:

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Breton Music

  My friend Jimmy has been posting a lot of music from Brittany. I love Breton music because it is Celtic but has a distinctive flavour. I know my other friend Christi will agree with me on this.  I see music as colour. When I listen to Irish music, I see green(well it is obvious isn't it?) for Scottish it is blue and for Brittany it has an olive green feel with an almost…


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Exploring "Modern" Irish Music


There are artists out there like Fiach Moriarty and Michele Ann Kelly who make nice pop rock tunes but still incorporate that Irish flavor in terms of guest musicians. Traditional instruments have found their way into modern radio format more and more and I think this is further encouraged by movies. The recent movie by Colin Farell called Undine featured Sharon Shannon as a funeral musician.

I think this is great because it encourages more and more musicians playing…


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Warm Feelings

 I have been bringing out old CDs and MP3s again. It is a weekend and as usual it is a blast from the past.If I look at my Clannad catalog I realize it will take me hours upon hours just to listen to everything they recorded, from full length albums to compilations and EPs. Most people probably think that we you say Irish traditional music, it means a kind of music that is mournful and something that you play on funerals. Will they can't be really wrong. But that is just one fourth of the…


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Finding My Way Around

  There is a kind of glow that happens when you meet a new friend. There is a sense of anticipation and wonder. We always start somewhere the way we end. TradConnect is like that. It is a community of musicians and music lover promoting traditional Irish music.

  It came as a surprise when Tony posted a link on my blog. I always try to click on the profile of whoever has contributed their thoughts. Then I saw this site. Nanvigating is easy, and links are all placed just under the…


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