Songs # 16 - 20 - Songwriter Showcase with Christy Moore

This Songwriters Showcase is a new collaboration with the legendary Christy Moore.  Providing an outlet for composers and writers is an essential goal of Tradconnect and it is hoped that this showcase will highlight some great new writers and performers. We are honored to have Christy listening to this material and giving his support.

Other recording artists that follow this campaign may pick up on some of this new material and possibly record it. Submitted songs must be in the folk and ballad tradition.  Songs should be presented a cappella or with as little as possible in the way of background accompaniment.  The use of a single instrument such as guitar or piano would be preferable to full band backing.

Christy Moore for his part, is excited by the prospect of discovering some great new material and will be listening to all the submissions.  He has also kindly offered an award of €500 for a song and writer that stands out.  While we have a desire to uncover songs that deal with "modern day emigration" we will accept all songs in the folk and ballad tradition as set out in the link below.

To submit a song read this article where we set out some basic guidelines.  A closing date for entries has not yet been set, so check back for updates.

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Song #16 - Maurice McGrath / Band of Gold

My entry is a song of parting called 'A Band Of Gold'. The recording is myself playing guitar and singing.

Song #17 - Ann Wafer / The London City Way

I hope this competition is more about the song than the singer or the production, because this is just me singing into my cheap headset microphone. My home nowadays is in a village in Slovakia, but I lived for many years in the west of Ireland. Some people might remember me busking on the concertina in Galway or Ennis or at the Cliffs of Moher, or hanging out at sessions and fleadhs and festivals all over Ireland, or they might remember my famous black dog Sally who went to all those places too, and knew far more people than I did.

Later on I spent a year as a mature student at the Irish World Music Centre in the University of Limerick, where I got an MA in Ethnochoreology (1999-2000). I don't often write songs, or sing in public, but I've had a big interest in traditional songs since I was a teenager. And I just happen to have this song that fits your original theme of emigration, except that I wrote it back in the pre-Celtic Tiger days when I was living in north Clare. Well I suppose in folk song terms that's very modern. It hasn't appeared on any recordings before, commercial or otherwise.

It was partly inspired by a man called Johnny from Ennistymon, who went off to work in London but soon came home again, and partly based on my own experiences and observations of unemployment in those days. I swept the streets for a couple of weeks too, but it was on a different scheme in a different town. There were lots of schemes. Some were better than others. I'm actually a third generation Londoner, born near the docks on the south bank of the Thames. It's a wonderful city, if you want to be there. But being forced to live there because there's no work in your home country is a different story. Of course it's been the story of millions of London immigrants, and researching my family history has made me realise that it's the story of my family too.

When I went to live in Ireland in 1978, I didn't know that my great grandfather from Wexford had gone in the other direction 100 years earlier. He settled in London with his new wife from Devon in 1878, got work as a laborer at the docks, and their first child was born in 1879. One of his sisters stayed at home and married a local farmer, and has descendants still living on the same farm, but at least one other sister and two brothers emigrated to America.

Song #18 - Mark Joseph / Government A

My Name is Mark Joseph Parsons, I am 35 years old, from Dublin and I have been a Singer/Songwriter for as long as I remember. When I was at school I was taught how to play the thin whistle and bodhrán and after that, well....... there was no stopping me. As a child, I always loved to write short stories and bringing my characters to life and after being touched by music, I started to teach myself the guita.  I joined a folk group in my local church and started putting my stories into songs, but I didn't stop there. I went on to teach myself others instruments too as a wrote, and I have written, songs in many genre's of music.  Over the years I played in different styles of bands but I tend to let my songs take on their own styles.

The Song I have put forward for the Songwriter Showcase is a track called "Government A". I have played this live many times at different trad sessions and open mic sessions and it seemed to get a good reception. Though the song itself is not about immigration, for me its a tongue and cheek song about the people who may have caused this monster to devour our beautiful country with their corruption and misleading leadership. This is one of the few songs I actually sat down and said I'd write in a given genre and it's a folk song and I was inspired to write it by a Pure Irish legend who's name I don't need to mention, as the style within the song will speak for itself, and to that man I just want to say thank you, you know who you are. I proudly present.........................Government A

Song #19 - John Leo Carter / Evidence of Love

My name is John Leo carter I am a Singer/songwriter for Co Cork. My Song "Evidence of Love" is a song about Life and Family living in the now, letting go of the past. Since I was a young boy in Cobh and got my first instrument, a squeezebox as I sat down in front of our gate to play for neighbors and passers-by. I have since followed the passion to play music. My first solo album "Candyfloss girl " featuring John Spillane was very well received and got great reviews in Ireland. I am now working on my second full studio album "No monsters only toys"

The Last Eight years I have be living on Öland a Swedish Island and have started Yellowbox Music and an Art Center, bringing musicians from around the Word together.

Song #20 - Mike Cole / One Day I'll Find You

Over the years, I was fortunate enough to have access to an old abandoned house with electricity. Here, I went from playing and learning an array of instruments for endless hours after school, to playing and writing for endless hours after work. Year by year, in this house among the cobwebs, spiders and many other little critters who are unwanted in the average Irish home, I slowly developed as a songwriter. With influences from a range of artists, novelists and poets, a sure ability to create lyrical songs combined with understated, elegant music has begun to emerge.

The Song I am Submitting is called 'One day I'll find you' and it is basically about what life can be like with and without the person closest to you. Thanks for taking time to listen,


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