Songs # 31 - 35 - Songwriter Showcase with Christy Moore

This Songwriters Showcase is a new collaboration with the legendary Christy Moore.  Providing an outlet for composers and writers is an essential goal of Tradconnect and it is hoped that this showcase will highlight some great new writers and performers. We are honored to have Christy listening to this material and giving his support.

Other recording artists that follow this campaign may pick up on some of this new material and possibly record it. Submitted songs must be in the folk and ballad tradition.  Songs should be presented a cappella or with as little as possible in the way of background accompaniment.  The use of a single instrument such as guitar or piano would be preferable to full band backing.

Christy Moore for his part, is excited by the prospect of discovering some great new material and will be listening to all the submissions.  He has also kindly offered an award of €500 for a song and writer that stands out.  While we have a desire to uncover songs that deal with "modern day emigration" we will accept all songs in the folk and ballad tradition as set out in the link below.

To submit a song read this article where we set out some basic guidelines.  A closing date for entries has not yet been set, so check back for updates.

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Song #31 - Chris Rogan / Where Fantasy Flies
My family comes from Donegal and consequently, our house had plenty of music in it. I've been writing my own material and singing traditional favourites for years. My own material tends to draw from my experiences which include the times different generations of my family who have sought their fortune on other shores. First my Great Grandparents and more recently my own daughter.
"Where Fantasy Flies", is set in today's circumstances, but describes the familiar tale of hopes and dreams pulled by the ties of home that are all but fantasies until something changes.

Song #32 - Aidan Doyle / The Forgotten Children

This song is about the children of 1916 killed by stray bullet fire during the fighting of the first week of 1916. We have so many songs out there about our 1916 heroes and as we should, but, there was no recognition of the children that lost their lives when the fighting had begun from the age of two to the age of sixteen years.
Song #33 - Jerry McLean / Our Music and our Arts
This is a song I wrote in the early 90's. The song addresses the conflict between our South and North of Ireland. It is a subtle reminder that their bloody bombs will never work. Innocent people don't forgive and forget that easily. However Our Music and Our Arts are by far more palatable and bring forth a far more pleasant message to all you want to make your statement  A Mayo man living in Los Angeles CA.
Song #34 - Tim Sanphy / Wait For Me Love on the Shore
My name is Tim Sanphy.  I am 42 and a father of 6.  By day I am a registered nurse (actually by night ;)   My preoccupation has been performing and arranging Irish music.  My family emigrated to America at both the late 1800's and early 1900's.  At first settling in PEI and eventually the Northern united States (Pennsylvania and New York).  I learned to love music and Irish cultural through my father as I grew up.  I learned early on to sing, play guitar and whistles and eventually play the fiddle and tenor banjo.  I perform year round with my band Kilrush ( ) for the past 13 years.  We have enjoyed regional success and have had the pleasure and privilege to perform with some of the best and brightest in Irish Music today.  My dream is to be able to perform full time and provide for my family a way to see the world through music.  I would love to someday see and perform in and spend time with the many friends I've made online.
About the tune - I wrote this song a year ago, however, never recorded it.  Wait for me Love on the Shore is a ballad to commemorate the Irish Brigade 150 years after the Battle of Fredricksburg and Gettysburg, as well as explore the experience of our ancestors.  Perhaps a familiar story of lovers split apart by hard times with the hope of reuniting but facing the true realities of life as they were, and still are.  When I first wrote the song it was meant to be sung A Capella with the last line of each refrain to be sung back  before singing the chorus.  In the format of verse refrain verse etc.  This arrangement with guitar was recorded today for the Songwriter showcase on a small digital recorder then uploaded to Soundcloud!  I hope everyone enjoys the entry and please feel free to send me feedback and if you want to hear others I've written or performed please feel free to contact me!  
Song #35 - Derek McLoughlin / Ballad of John Ruddy
My name is Derek Mcloughlin and my entry into the songwriter showcase 2014 is 'The Ballad of John Ruddy'. Thanks for your consideration.



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